Get Rich or Die Trying

So Paige and I are embarking on yet another get rich or die trying adventure!

We tried the whole mobile bartending service, it didnt work out, unfortunately in small towns like Perth there is no calling for that kinda gig, so its kinda gone on the back burner for a while! As I have said, new venture will be an online vintage-thrift like store. Today we are embarking on the first leg of our research, by visiting as many op-shop as possible in the little time we have between my getting home from work and 5pm! I have printed out a couple of lists (see here) and will be sporting my bargain hunting face for the afternoon.

As I mentioned we had the wedding on the weekend, and decadent is an understatement! It was a beautiful day, the couple could not have asked for more! Rain threatened early on, but I guess ‘God’ was happy with all the praise that was given during the long drawn out catholic ceremony, that he cleared it up for them! Seriously though- part of the ceremony included the guests chanting ‘we are not worthy of saying your name’ . . We had to kneel! Each to their own.

Ania (Bride)’s couture wedding dress was amazing. It was custom made for her, and she had fittings for it weekly. I daren’t ask how much it chipped into their 80k budget! The bridesmaid dresses were also gorgeous, with statement frills on one shoulder. I politely asked my sister to take note. The venue for the reception was beautiful, and they had the cutest little photobooth in the corner for guests to get their corny on. Us vegans (slaadi and I) got the typical GVP for dinner, aswell various other vegetables placed on our plates in an artistic fashion, but we expected no more, and I am greatful that they gave us a thought and catered for our needs on their big day 🙂

In other news, Zara has released an iPhone app, allowing users to browse the catalogue and order online, which is an exciting new development! . . For the rest of the world anyway. Although I can own the app, Zara does not service Australia. -_-

Topshop, I have only 1 response after seeing this . . W.T.F? Seriously? No- Seriously? Is fur really so big that we are going to see a full on furry fest at fashion week this year? Disturbing.


I feel like lately I have abandoned my vegan ranting for fashion, have you noticed? Promise I will get back to my usual preachy self soon, with professorprofessor now up and running I think I will be posting the majority of my fashion related items on there. Be sure to check it out yall!


Happy 90210

In America it is 90210 day! Pffft that was so last February here in Australia!!!

Is it wrong that I want to rock the shit out of most of these outfits?

Some totally relevent trends we see Kelly and the gang rockin’ include cropped tops, bustiers, sheer lace, waist-high skirts, blazers, lennon shades, denim & leather jackets, cut off jeans, loose white blouses aswell as earthy tones like tan, mustard, and maroon. Hmm, maybe I should start rewatching for inspiration?

PS- I quit my job bitches. WOO.


(all images via buzzfeed)

Lust for Life

I find myself having these ‘moments’, more and more often. A moment when I fall in love with something, look at its description, and die a little inside, finding its made of suede, or leather, pony hair and the like. I want to write to the website and say “But . . Are you sure???

P and myself are planning on going to the Perth Fashion Festival, and there is so much I want to wear, and so little I actually CAN wear!!! 😥

Speaking of the dynamic duo (P and I) we would also like to maybe start-up a little online vintage store of likes! Nothing major, start a store, be successful, cult following, have Jeffrey Campbell dedicate a pair of beautiful vegan clogs to me . . Nothing too big?

At the moment we are in the research stages, our biggest issue is resources. Perth isn’t exactly fashion capital of Australia, so I am doubtful as to whether we will find vintage Givenchy whilst rummaging through bargain bins at Vinnies. Also, it seems Perth isn’t very big on markets, thrift or vintage stores that I can see? If you have any tips, please do let me know!!! We plan on going to Badelaide next year (P’s home town) for the Fringe Festival, so we should be able to find some great pieces there, but it’s not like we can go jet setting over to others states all the time to source our vintage needs!

I am definitely thinking though if we do get this up and running, that I will have an awesome vegan section.

Getting ahead of ourselves now though! Back to Perth Fashion Week, and things I want but just can’t have. We are contemplating attending the Mercedes-Benz WA Fashion Awards, held at the prestigious Burswood Grand Ballroom. Issue 1. Tickets are near on $200. Issue 2. WHAT WOULD WE WEAR??? It’s black tie, and an issue I have with trying to find black tie/formal attire (we will get back to that) is I feel like a lot of it is not that relevant.
Saying that though, Paige has recently come to own a b-e-a-utiful black maxi dress, with a quilted leather bandeau and flowing chiffon(?) skirt. Although I don’t approve of the leather aspect, it IS gorgeous. I havent come across anything outstanding as of yet. :/

Going back to the searching of formal/black tie dress code, I am attending a quite lavish wedding this weekend, and have recently come to learn that we are expected to wear 2 dresses, something I had not ever heard of (apparently its European) (Polish + Italian wedding), and caved into buying both- any excuse! I found a dress for the wedding its self, dress code being a little more casual  than the reception, that was easy! I picked up a MinkPink maxi from P and my favourite store ‘This Fine Day’ on Eighth in Maylands, which I will be playing down a little with a belt and blazer to give the appearance that I have a ‘shape’.

The formal part, however, I definitely struggled with. The issue is that my ‘style’ is not formal, people I know can pull it off, but I find it very difficult! Also, there is a plethora of floral prints out, we tried that, it failed. I can pull off the ‘girly’ look, it’s just not me. I prefer darker shades, and block colours. I actually prefer black- always a classic, easy to accessorise, gives the illusion of a better body, works with any skin tone/hair colour, but the bride frowned upon wearing black! I didnt want to rock another maxi as much as I love them right now, as I was already wearing one- it would have looked to similar! Then there was the issue of length, how short is too short? Would I find a dress in which I could wear the same shoes/accessories, or was I going to have to buy everything in lots of 2???

Anyway, after days of searching and almost giving up, we did it. I settled on a dark blue dress, I think its Miss Shop? Appropriately lengthed, that cinches at the waist with a black bow. This means I can probably share accessories, I think I will rock the blazer with both, though I imagine once the champaign kicks in I will be removing it to bust a move on the d-floor, black wedges, black jewellery possible a ‘bib/collar’ type chunky necklace with detail, and a giant ass flower headpiece.


Trend I am crazy feeling right now? A trend I, aswell as countless cougars out there, have been rocking for years, leopard print. Its back! (Like it ever left??) bigger and better than ever!

This excludes the fur version. Tacky, tacky, tacky. I like the bolder prints, like the one on the oversized bag, as opposed to the smaller more natural looking prints. I found this feature at TOPSHOP, and am lusting over the new leopard print bags, but unfortunately, as the story goes, all leather. *Le sigh*. Another brand I have found to be rockin’ the bold leopard print is Motel;

Love it.

Anyways, I just found something new and crucial to stress about.


Wear Animals or DIE.

In my recent wanderings around the Urban Outfitters site (love new Fall Collection!) I came across a warning that was mostly found on faux leather items such as the saddle bag I was ogling.

The fine print, written in a light grey color, almost missable, states ‘This item does not comply with California Proposition 65. Please visit help/info for more details on Proposition 65.’

Curious, I DID visit the help section. This is what I then found;

“What is California Proposition 65, and how does it apply to our products?

Some of our products such as dinnerware, glassware, items used to serve food, wallets, handbags, purses, clutches, totes, clothing, accessories, or shoes made of vinyl or imitation leather may contain lead. In accordance with Proposition 65, we issue the following warning to our California customers: “The materials used on the exterior of this product contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” For more information regarding lead-related FAQs, we recommend you review”

Does this mean every time I rock my polyutherane saddle bag- because I am vegan and do not condone the suffering of animals for my personal gain- I increase the risk of having a baby with birth defects down the track, aswell as the possibility of other lead related health issues? Why is one of the biggest ‘teen’ retail stores in America even allowed to involve lead in the production of these bags? The information I have found indicates one must have long-term exposure to lead for any health issues to occur, but what does that mean in regards to these bags? How much lead do they even contain? How long is too long?

Urban Outfitters definitely needs more information on their site.

Is this enough to deter fellow vegans, or just the even environmentally conscious, from buying one of these bags? Not me, no, because I don’t really have any other options (please note; NOT owning a saddle bag is not an option!) but this is definitely going to make the bags less attractive to others that do have to make the choice between leather and non-leather items.

The possibility of a life-time of nightmarish health issues for themselves, aswell as their spawn vs the suffering of some cow that they never really cared about it the first place. Such large influential chains such as Urban Outfitters really need to take into account the consequences of their actions. They should be discouraging the use of animals, not encouraging customers to choose the non-vegan option. There is no doubt that stores such as these are delving into the ‘eco-chick’ issues, mostly for PR, but they need to take a step back and take a look at how hypocritical they are being. ‘We use leather and other animal products and by-products, but we put a $2 surcharge on all our products to off-set the carbon emissions produced by our cattle trucks.’

But i really do love the fall collection.


More Vegan Clogin’

So I know some of you might be getting sick of me rambling on about vegan clogs . . but I just can’t help it! I am addicted! And the countless fashion blogs I follow only fuel my hunger more!

I am happy to announce that I have made a few more discoveries today! I’m so proud! 😀

Introducing, the Miss Me Footwear Woody 4 Black Peep Toe Platform Clog!

Quite a mouthful! I found these babies (who come in black & camel) via Lulus, who even have a ‘vegan shoes’ category! Very commendable!


“Ladies, this is the one shoe your summer wardrobe can’t do without! The Miss Me Footwear Woody 4 Black Peep Toe Platform Clog is a about as sophisticated and stylish as it gets. Comfy ankle strap secures with large brass buckle and three adjustable slots. Peep toe on black, vegan leather upper is detailed with brass nail heads and sexy cutouts along each side. Wooden, 1″ platform at the toe meets a 4″ heel in back for the perfect lift. Black-lined foot bed contrasts brown lining on upper. Brown rubberized sole has non-skid markings at both toe and heel. Fit is true to size. Available in whole and half sizes. All man-made materials. Imported.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself, so I didn’t!

All I can say is at the crazy awesome price of $40, how could you NOT buy these? I know I am getting them in black . . God I can’t wait!

Excitement aside, I have another shoe to present. Not quite a clog, a wedge actually, but it reminded me so much of one of JC’s wedges I thought I would post it aswell!

Jeffrey Campbell Slingback Wedge

Madden Girl Kaliie Vegan Platform Wedge

Similar, non? Ha. I wish that the vegan version wasnt going for the whole ‘distressed leather’ kind of look, but as I have said- veggers can’t be choosers!

You can get these from Alternative Outfitters for $52.00, not bad if you ask me!

I understand that people are opposed to cheap knock offs like those above, stealing designer’s ideas and churning them out the thousands, but make me a high-end vegan clog and I will wear it my friend. Man-made materials are cheaper and easier to produce than ever today, there is honestly no excuse to slaughter animals anymore. Back in day I understand, it was hard to obtain or produce, but with today’s technology it is completely unneccessary! Think about all the costs incurred raising, sheltering, feeding, transporting & slaughtering animals, not to mention what must happen to the fur/hides etc afterward in the finishing process. Throw some reasons out there.

Better quality? Not acceptable. With todays advanced technology, only getting better everyday, super fibers and the like are being created left right and center!

Tradition? Traditions can be broken. unneccessary suffering for the sake of tradition? Are you kidding me?

I think the main reason high-end designers use more expensive materials is to increase the price of an item.

It just makes me so angry a little vein could pop from neck any second!!

Can I also just say that I am NOT liking the fact that bootleg/flair jeans/pants are coming back in?? They are reserved for teens moms trailer trash! Also, I wish that crucifixes weren’t so big right now! I refuse to wear one based on the fact that i oppose everything they stand for! (I wear my beliefs on my sleeves).

I am out! You can find me at Rubi Shoes, trawling the shelves for non leathery goodness.


Vegan Love

Hey Guys,

Another quick one today, as I have just once again stumbled on something vegan and awesome!

Found this site via lookbook funnily enough! Introducing my new bag/belt source; Matt&Nat! (LOVING the Hendrix bag!)

To quote the website;


In 1995, MATT & NAT Founder and Creative Director Inder Bedi was challenged by a Mahatma to become a Vegetarian for 30 days. It was during this time that MATT & NAT was conceived. A brand and movement shaped by the power of duality. Fifteen years later, he is continuously working towards this goal – exceeding norms to offer cutting edge products that are fashionable and beautiful and yet made in a socially responsible way, or as we like to say, with Compassion. MATT & NAT products have never used animal by-products. That said, the brand is more than just vegan. It has always been a trailblazer in the environmental movement. Each product contains at least one recycled element and on average 21 plastic bottles are recycled to make linings for our bags. MATT & NAT has always been a Pioneer in Eco-Fashion.


Our women’s collection is characterized by a modern approach to primitive; beads and metal orna¬ments give an antique, custom and yet romantic feel. Colors are understated, with some grey under¬tones for a certain vintage feel, a feeling of authenticity. For the men’s line, the inspiration is practical, utilitarian and urban; we continued and expanded the men’s line (consisting of practical bags, messengers, lap top carriers and overnight bags) with the in¬troduction of new utilitarian shapes like totes and backpacks, as well as new colors like khaki and plaid.


As MATT & NAT’s younger sibling, the inspiration for the MATT BY MATT & NAT collection is rocker/urban with distinctive design and hardware details. This season we also introduced a new vegan leather material Luster, which let us experiment with softer bohemian shapes, deep tone colors, and weaving accents. This collection is practical, yet with a modern flare and can be dressed up or down.

Also, slaadi very kindly dug up that bingo sheet I was referring to in a previous post, check out the hilarities below! I can garantee you I have seen every single one of these! Sometimes all in the same conversation! Tedious 😐


So next time you speak to a vegan I would like you to stop, take a deep breathe, and think about what you are going to ask them 🙂


Time to Wonder

Hey All,

Just a quick one today!

Love Sam Elderman’s Zoe boot

But dont love wearing skin, or the $198 price tag?

Well, I accidentally stumbled into an awesome vegan alternative at the start of the year! (Before I even knew who Sam Elderman was) (yes- a sad existance)

They are made from PU and faux leather, are roughly a 3rd of the price and asides the ‘quilted leather’ and double buckles are almost identical.

These are definately on my list (list of items that I would rather buy than spend the money eating for the day instead). Give me a few hours, I’ll break.

Anyway, you can find these babies on eBay for $66.54AUD plus shipping.


Also, Slaadi and I went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World, complete with 16bit graphics and music from The Legend of Zelda, Beck, Metric, and The Rolling Stones to name a few, it was an indie-gamers wet dream. I loved the fast pace of the film, and the fact that he is literally ‘bringing a comic book to life’. And I mean, cmon, you cant go wrong with Michael Cera!

 It was a little depressing though, after the film, realising that the words  or  werent going to errupt into the air whenever I hit someone . . but I guess I can just settle on one of these headbands.



Its Been A Long Journey . .

Zdravstvuite! (Russian Today!)

I thought I would catch y’all up on some adventures I have been having lately!

During the month of July slaadi went for a visit to his motherland, and returned with some awesome vegan goods for me, so that was pretty rad. He went to a place called Secret Society of Vegans (or Vx) located in central London, where he got me a super kawaii tee and tote bag, featuring their rockabilly-esk style designs. They also came with these hilarious ‘bingo cards’, with the numbers replaced with questions/comments every vegan will hear after telling someone they are vegan for the first time- and they are so accurate! Anyways they sell a range of clothing, footwear, food and accessories so I definitely recommend you check them out. I look forward to visiting them when I eventually travel to London! This may be a stupid question, but can I order their food online and get it shipped to Aust? O_o

Speaking of vegan foods, the other day I was feeling crazy so planned a picnic dinner for slaadi and I to have down on the river! I cooked from 2 until 5, and ended up with a roast beet, spinach & walnut salad, a lasagna tart, and a strawberry & rhubarb ‘cobbler’. Those paired with a couple of chilled ciders (which we later found were from New Zealand surprisingly not that bad),  our favourite Pomehuahua; Chuck, and no one but us, the river and the mosquitos, made for a perfect evening 🙂

On Sunday Axl (bro) and I, went to The Art Gallery of Western Australia and checked out the Patricia Piccinini Relativity exhibition they have on there until the 22.08.2010. It was amazing. I can’t recommend it enough, it has to be the best exhibition I have ever seen there! Her pieces were so realistic, it was chilling! We kept expecting the figurines to blink, shake off the stiffness and walk off! I even got in a sneaky pic with my phone before being scolded by security.

Something else I have also discovered via the blog ‘SixThousand’ is Postcrossing. Basically, you start up an account for yourself on the site, and register for a postcard. This will then give you another user’s info, name, address, likes/dislikes, etc and you have to send them a postcard! I think it’s quite a cute idea, everybody likes receiving mail, and why not mail from a mysterious pen pal from the other side of the globe? It runs on donations so if you register there is no harm throwing them a fiver! But I urge all to be a little cautious with the info they give out, as this is a stalkers jackpot!

For all those who have followed the vegan clogs saga closely this past couple of weeks . . I would just like to let you know I am now the proud owner of Clogs! As previously posted I had discovered some residing at Rubi Shoes. Rubi doesn’t exactly have the best rap for good quality shoes, but I was pleasantly surprised by these! Sure, they are no Jeffrey Campbell, but for a non-leather cheaper option, they aren’t too shabby! In the words of Phyllis from The Office (S6, E13- Secret Santa) “Its been a long journey {sniff} . . but I’m finally Santa Claus!”  . . Well . . Kind of.

Also, as you may have seen from my Twitter feed, I started my Japanese classes last month, and they are going swell! Thinking of taking a leaf out of several books (well in this case, a tab from several blogs?) and posting what I am learning, tips, tricks, etc. It would be a lot more work, for something that will be barely read, and it definitely would help if I bought a new laptop charger . . It’s a work in progress!

Megan Washington’s new album- I Believe You Liar. Do it.


sleep deprivation

Long story short, I am tired.

Finding it increasingly harder to focus on work and what not the more the hours go by!

P and myself were discussing Lookbook, as she thinks we should join, post looks, etc. I for one think she would be a perfect candidate, but to be brutally honest don’t think I have the looks, body, clothing or confidence for it! Regardless, it made me evaluate my ‘look’ from an outsiders perspective. I’m sure every girl has that sub-conscious thought in the back of their mind whilst walking down the street that whispers I wonder what s/he thought of me? Or Is what I am wearing good enough? etc. I mostly get it when in shops. I am terribly self-conscious. I care more about what a random, snotty shop assistant thinks of me, than a friend. Don’t even get me started on sales assistants though!

Anyways. So, my style.

My stereotypical look, be it work, home, shopping, festival is usually a variation of the same thing. 

Oversized top? Check

Skinny jeans/jeggings/leggings? Check

Long cardigan? Check

Sometimes when I am feeling ‘crazy’ I will shake it up, and add a high-waisted bondycon skirt, but the base is there.

Head wise I am never without my wayfarer rayban glasses, as well you know, I like to see and stuff. (Yep, you heard me, I’m a genuine four-eyes)

I generally feel naked without something on my head. I have short hair & bangs that is usually long at the front, shorter at the back, and comes in a variety of browny/reddy/purple hues. Never light- A virtue my blonde sister instilled in me from a young age, because *she* was the blonde in the family.

Anyway, I usually go with a crochet mustard beanie to tuck my ‘mane’ into, what can I say? I’m lazy? That, or if I am dressing up, an oversized bow can never go wrong in my books. When I am feeling super ‘indie’ I have a bowlers hat, but it always feels so forced! If all else fails, my hair ‘puffed’ a little and pinned at the back.

Feet-wise you can see me donning my pocket booties, faux docs, an array of brogue lace ups, or flats.

I abide by a few rules. The top must always be bigger than the bottom. My base colour is black. I never wear anything strapless, and rarely show my shoulders if I can help it. I generally try to avoid going without some form of outer-wear.

In conclusion. I am stuck in a fashion rut! I like to think that I am just playing my strengths, taking into account my ‘box’ silhouette, the fact that i am ‘vertically’ challenged, lack of breastage and big hips. I like to think my legs are my strong point, they are by no means ‘perfect pins’, I am settling ok?.

And thats all I have to say about that.


A Photo A Day

I remember a while ago stumbling on a little story that truly tugged my heartstrings.

It was about a man named Jamie Livingston. A film maker, musician, and circus performer. He took a photo a day, everyday (well almost) from March 31, 1979 to  October 25, 1997, the day he died, using his Polaroid camera.

It narrates his life, going through his everyday life, friends, events, etc. In the later years it shows that he has cancer. You follow his journey through chemo,  see him go bald, see his hair regrow. You see his impromptu wedding, followed by his return to hospital. October 25th he dies.

I absolutely love the concept of his idea. I would love to do that. Not for anyone but myself. It really touches me in a way, and makes insignificant things look so much bigger.

You can find his work here


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