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So hey. Havent had a decent post in a while- lame I know, so I am trying my best now to get those creative juices going (ew).

On Friday I watched
The Cove (c/o slaadi) and may I say it is very, very well put together.  I definately recommend it, however it is not for the easily shaken. (Oh yes, there will be blood).

Its amazing how 1 man, the man who kick started the whole ‘keeping dolphins in captivity’ thing in the first place, can do such a 180. I have muchos respect for
Ric O’Barry. Sure, he was a bit of a fool when he started off, but weren’t we all? Ignorance is bliss. I like that he is trying to undo what he did. One of the end scenes, when he is walking through IWC meeting with the monitor strapped to his body. Wow. It was very powerful. He completely tears down organisations like the IWC.

I am the kind of person that sometimes thinks ‘How can 1 person make a difference?’, and O’Barry is evidence that they can.

You can make a difference, by visiting

Anyways, other activities over the weekend included getting shit-faced on Friday and Saturday, and leaving myself no time for recovery before coming to work 5.30am Monday morning.

Myself and slaadi went to the Chili Festival at Freo foreshore on Sunday. It was ok. I expected more, I don’t know . . Chili? But it was a nice way to spend a Sunday- usually spent in bed watching Degrassi (The Next Generation) on my laptop, and eating spring rolls.

A lot of the attractions to the Chili fest went straight over our heads, chili chocolates were surpassed as of course there is no vegan option, the chili beer & wine out of the question as I was not ready to get back on that horse, as well as slaadis ‘smarch madness’ pledge to not have fun, drink, and a ‘music festival’ of the South American (?) type . . slaadi does not samba.

Though it wasn’t all bad, we did pick up some sweet eggplant kassundy and tomato and cashew pesto (pics below)  from the only vegan stall there (the lady advertising was calling out ‘get your chutney, great on meats, chicken or fish’ O_o) and it gave us an excuse to visit
Cruelty Free WA on Queen St, where I grabbed some vegan mayo (<3) and slaadi brought and introduced me to the world of vegan pate, (jury is out on that one for now), as well as ‘Peaches’ in South Freo, an organic fresh food market, to get slaadi’s fave veg sausages.

We also saw lots of dread headed people.

We made some mediocre pizzas last night, I wanted to experiment with some vegan cream cheese, but only had the Kingland brand type in the fridge, as opposed to Tofutti. I creamed this with some fresh crushed garlic, salt, pepper and Italian herbs and used it as a base, (maybe spread a little
too thick?) and then added some baby spinach and cooked mushroom to the mix. I didn’t think it was too shab, slaadi would have preferred a thinner spread of the cream cheese, and Tofutti instead of the Kingland. We also made another using slaadi’s new pesto (c/o the Chili Fest) as a base, basil, some herbed sausages, capsicum and chili. It wasnt bad, but was definately lacking a certain ‘pizazz’/wow factor. I should have taken photos, they looked rather lovely, and I want to try and transform this into a mediocre food blog if possible . . I’m workin’ on it.

Quick question, is slaadi the only regular reader of this thing? I have a feeling most people just stumple upon it whilst looking for something else.

I’m just going to leave this here . .



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  1. Billie c :
    Mar 16, 2010 @ 04:43:09

    kel,, your weird 🙂 try writing something that isnt about veganism.. just kidding 😉


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