play that funky music, white boy

So I thought I would give a little insight into my music taste.

You can hate it, you can love it, you probably won’t care, but here* are a few songs/albums on high rotation at the mo’ for me.

Paul Dempsey; Everything Is True- Whole album- Though my favourite song is ‘Out the Airlock’

Phoenix; Wolfgang Armedeus Phoenix- Whole album ❤

Darwin Deez; Constellations.

Fyfe Dangerfield; When You Walk In The Room- Seriously, this song does to me what ‘Sleepyhead’ by Passion Pit does. No matter what mood I am in its an instant pick me up. I cant listen to it and NOT smile. I see big things ahead.

The following artists can all be found on Triple J Unearthed,where all songs can be downloaded for free!

Big Scary; Apple Song, This Weight, Hey Somebody, Falling Away-
I definitely feel Wolfmother in these songs!

The Jezabels; Disco Biscuit Love, Unmarker Helicopters, Hurt Me- Slaadi and I discovered these guys when they supported Blue Juice, so amaze-balls!

Dan Parsons; Run With Me, I Cant Watch You & Firestarter.

Flying Foxes; Lost in Low Cloud & Napoleon.

Gypsy and the Cat; The Pipers Song & Jona Vark.

Sherlocks Daughter; Song For Old People & Kids.

The Shiny Brights; Not Too Old & Electric Tigerland– I actually saw these guys a while back, at Southbound 2009, and remember really diggin’ them, but forgetting them in my drunken festival haze, I am glad I have found them again ^^

We Can Breathe In Space; The First Contact- Whole Album- This is actually a friends local band from Perth, I suggest you check them out on Unearthed!

*written in no particular order

I guess you could say I have a pretty distinctive taste in music, I don’t know, I hear something, I like it/I hate it. I mostly listen to Triple J, and regularly hit up Unearthed because its just a plethora of unseen talent! I’m into my local bands 🙂 Anyways, so thats pretty much what I have been listening to the most, as of late!



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