So I have been pretty lazy lately, a lot of stuff going on, but I thought I would share my crappy hiptop taken pics from #perthstorm. They are blurry, and don’t show any sort of extent as to what happened, but it seems like the thing to do right now.


This is the corner of Wellington & Bennett St, in East Perth.

I sat stationary in traffic for approx. 30minutes, before parking my car (you can see it in the first pic) and walking to the train station- about 15minutes away (I was ‘saving’ my brother and his friend from the flooded tunnels of the traino). We walked back (in the rain mind you) and the traffic was still stationary. Attempting to go the back roads home we found a street/lake (Coincidently ‘Nile St’ East Perth), a giant tree also blocking off said road, a jaguar with water around its door handles (Daewoo took it like a champ) , 75% of all traffic lights out, several crashes, and a car full of gay guys singing ‘Fuck You’ by Lily Allen.

All in all it was a stressful time for me.





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