When it comes to products that are made of leather, suede, fur (ew!) etc, etc, etc, if they are recycled or second hand, is their use still not considered vegan?
I’m not so sure anymore. I mean, obviously they arent in the sense that they are an animal product, but there is a part of me that says dont have let this animal die for no reason, you know? For example- I know of someone that went through their entire house getting rid of all products that used palm oil- because of the conversion of tropical forest to commercial palm tree plantations. I agree that yes- they should stop buying palm oil from here on in- in order to limit the demand, but to go through and throw out all palm oiled products seems like a waste to me, like now no one is benefitting from that 1 tree that was knocked over to grow that one palm tree. Getting off track here anyways- another issue that came up was that a co-worker is getting a house built with a recycled leather floor. She is a hippy- not sure where she got this idea from, but pretty much what it is, is tile made from recycled leather from old cars, couches, etc, etc. First things first- leather is gross right? Skin on skin. I dont think leather should be used any which way. But so many animals have died, there is a lot of leather hanging around in todays world, and rather than people going out and throwing it away I am glad it is being put to use somehow. I dont know.
Thrifting- Second hand clothing shops, vintage pieces, what if they are suede or leather? I pose this question, because it seems the more I look into things, the more the lines between right and wrong are fuzzed.

Besides that, nothing exciting to report here, myself and slaadi ATTEMPTED to go to Genesis in the Hills for lunch the Saturday after my birthday- yes, I am 20 now, still irrelevent though- only to find that a bunch of hippies took up all the tables and we couldnt get a spot 😦 also, thismorning I woke up with a twinge in my neck that has worsened during the day. FML.


Please note- I am not throwing out any palm oiled products, I am not getting a recycled leather floor, and I am not purchasing any animal skinned clothing.


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