A Photo A Day

I remember a while ago stumbling on a little story that truly tugged my heartstrings.

It was about a man named Jamie Livingston. A film maker, musician, and circus performer. He took a photo a day, everyday (well almost) from March 31, 1979 to  October 25, 1997, the day he died, using his Polaroid camera.

It narrates his life, going through his everyday life, friends, events, etc. In the later years it shows that he has cancer. You follow his journey through chemo,  see him go bald, see his hair regrow. You see his impromptu wedding, followed by his return to hospital. October 25th he dies.

I absolutely love the concept of his idea. I would love to do that. Not for anyone but myself. It really touches me in a way, and makes insignificant things look so much bigger.

You can find his work here http://photooftheday.hughcrawford.com/


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