sleep deprivation

Long story short, I am tired.

Finding it increasingly harder to focus on work and what not the more the hours go by!

P and myself were discussing Lookbook, as she thinks we should join, post looks, etc. I for one think she would be a perfect candidate, but to be brutally honest don’t think I have the looks, body, clothing or confidence for it! Regardless, it made me evaluate my ‘look’ from an outsiders perspective. I’m sure every girl has that sub-conscious thought in the back of their mind whilst walking down the street that whispers I wonder what s/he thought of me? Or Is what I am wearing good enough? etc. I mostly get it when in shops. I am terribly self-conscious. I care more about what a random, snotty shop assistant thinks of me, than a friend. Don’t even get me started on sales assistants though!

Anyways. So, my style.

My stereotypical look, be it work, home, shopping, festival is usually a variation of the same thing. 

Oversized top? Check

Skinny jeans/jeggings/leggings? Check

Long cardigan? Check

Sometimes when I am feeling ‘crazy’ I will shake it up, and add a high-waisted bondycon skirt, but the base is there.

Head wise I am never without my wayfarer rayban glasses, as well you know, I like to see and stuff. (Yep, you heard me, I’m a genuine four-eyes)

I generally feel naked without something on my head. I have short hair & bangs that is usually long at the front, shorter at the back, and comes in a variety of browny/reddy/purple hues. Never light- A virtue my blonde sister instilled in me from a young age, because *she* was the blonde in the family.

Anyway, I usually go with a crochet mustard beanie to tuck my ‘mane’ into, what can I say? I’m lazy? That, or if I am dressing up, an oversized bow can never go wrong in my books. When I am feeling super ‘indie’ I have a bowlers hat, but it always feels so forced! If all else fails, my hair ‘puffed’ a little and pinned at the back.

Feet-wise you can see me donning my pocket booties, faux docs, an array of brogue lace ups, or flats.

I abide by a few rules. The top must always be bigger than the bottom. My base colour is black. I never wear anything strapless, and rarely show my shoulders if I can help it. I generally try to avoid going without some form of outer-wear.

In conclusion. I am stuck in a fashion rut! I like to think that I am just playing my strengths, taking into account my ‘box’ silhouette, the fact that i am ‘vertically’ challenged, lack of breastage and big hips. I like to think my legs are my strong point, they are by no means ‘perfect pins’, I am settling ok?.

And thats all I have to say about that.


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