Time to Wonder

Hey All,

Just a quick one today!

Love Sam Elderman’s Zoe boot

But dont love wearing skin, or the $198 price tag?

Well, I accidentally stumbled into an awesome vegan alternative at the start of the year! (Before I even knew who Sam Elderman was) (yes- a sad existance)

They are made from PU and faux leather, are roughly a 3rd of the price and asides the ‘quilted leather’ and double buckles are almost identical.

These are definately on my list (list of items that I would rather buy than spend the money eating for the day instead). Give me a few hours, I’ll break.

Anyway, you can find these babies on eBay for $66.54AUD plus shipping.


Also, Slaadi and I went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World, complete with 16bit graphics and music from The Legend of Zelda, Beck, Metric, and The Rolling Stones to name a few, it was an indie-gamers wet dream. I loved the fast pace of the film, and the fact that he is literally ‘bringing a comic book to life’. And I mean, cmon, you cant go wrong with Michael Cera!

 It was a little depressing though, after the film, realising that the words  or  werent going to errupt into the air whenever I hit someone . . but I guess I can just settle on one of these headbands.



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