More Vegan Clogin’

So I know some of you might be getting sick of me rambling on about vegan clogs . . but I just can’t help it! I am addicted! And the countless fashion blogs I follow only fuel my hunger more!

I am happy to announce that I have made a few more discoveries today! I’m so proud! 😀

Introducing, the Miss Me Footwear Woody 4 Black Peep Toe Platform Clog!

Quite a mouthful! I found these babies (who come in black & camel) via Lulus, who even have a ‘vegan shoes’ category! Very commendable!


“Ladies, this is the one shoe your summer wardrobe can’t do without! The Miss Me Footwear Woody 4 Black Peep Toe Platform Clog is a about as sophisticated and stylish as it gets. Comfy ankle strap secures with large brass buckle and three adjustable slots. Peep toe on black, vegan leather upper is detailed with brass nail heads and sexy cutouts along each side. Wooden, 1″ platform at the toe meets a 4″ heel in back for the perfect lift. Black-lined foot bed contrasts brown lining on upper. Brown rubberized sole has non-skid markings at both toe and heel. Fit is true to size. Available in whole and half sizes. All man-made materials. Imported.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself, so I didn’t!

All I can say is at the crazy awesome price of $40, how could you NOT buy these? I know I am getting them in black . . God I can’t wait!

Excitement aside, I have another shoe to present. Not quite a clog, a wedge actually, but it reminded me so much of one of JC’s wedges I thought I would post it aswell!

Jeffrey Campbell Slingback Wedge

Madden Girl Kaliie Vegan Platform Wedge

Similar, non? Ha. I wish that the vegan version wasnt going for the whole ‘distressed leather’ kind of look, but as I have said- veggers can’t be choosers!

You can get these from Alternative Outfitters for $52.00, not bad if you ask me!

I understand that people are opposed to cheap knock offs like those above, stealing designer’s ideas and churning them out the thousands, but make me a high-end vegan clog and I will wear it my friend. Man-made materials are cheaper and easier to produce than ever today, there is honestly no excuse to slaughter animals anymore. Back in day I understand, it was hard to obtain or produce, but with today’s technology it is completely unneccessary! Think about all the costs incurred raising, sheltering, feeding, transporting & slaughtering animals, not to mention what must happen to the fur/hides etc afterward in the finishing process. Throw some reasons out there.

Better quality? Not acceptable. With todays advanced technology, only getting better everyday, super fibers and the like are being created left right and center!

Tradition? Traditions can be broken. unneccessary suffering for the sake of tradition? Are you kidding me?

I think the main reason high-end designers use more expensive materials is to increase the price of an item.

It just makes me so angry a little vein could pop from neck any second!!

Can I also just say that I am NOT liking the fact that bootleg/flair jeans/pants are coming back in?? They are reserved for teens moms trailer trash! Also, I wish that crucifixes weren’t so big right now! I refuse to wear one based on the fact that i oppose everything they stand for! (I wear my beliefs on my sleeves).

I am out! You can find me at Rubi Shoes, trawling the shelves for non leathery goodness.


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