Get Rich or Die Trying

So Paige and I are embarking on yet another get rich or die trying adventure!

We tried the whole mobile bartending service, it didnt work out, unfortunately in small towns like Perth there is no calling for that kinda gig, so its kinda gone on the back burner for a while! As I have said, new venture will be an online vintage-thrift like store. Today we are embarking on the first leg of our research, by visiting as many op-shop as possible in the little time we have between my getting home from work and 5pm! I have printed out a couple of lists (see here) and will be sporting my bargain hunting face for the afternoon.

As I mentioned we had the wedding on the weekend, and decadent is an understatement! It was a beautiful day, the couple could not have asked for more! Rain threatened early on, but I guess ‘God’ was happy with all the praise that was given during the long drawn out catholic ceremony, that he cleared it up for them! Seriously though- part of the ceremony included the guests chanting ‘we are not worthy of saying your name’ . . We had to kneel! Each to their own.

Ania (Bride)’s couture wedding dress was amazing. It was custom made for her, and she had fittings for it weekly. I daren’t ask how much it chipped into their 80k budget! The bridesmaid dresses were also gorgeous, with statement frills on one shoulder. I politely asked my sister to take note. The venue for the reception was beautiful, and they had the cutest little photobooth in the corner for guests to get their corny on. Us vegans (slaadi and I) got the typical GVP for dinner, aswell various other vegetables placed on our plates in an artistic fashion, but we expected no more, and I am greatful that they gave us a thought and catered for our needs on their big day 🙂

In other news, Zara has released an iPhone app, allowing users to browse the catalogue and order online, which is an exciting new development! . . For the rest of the world anyway. Although I can own the app, Zara does not service Australia. -_-

Topshop, I have only 1 response after seeing this . . W.T.F? Seriously? No- Seriously? Is fur really so big that we are going to see a full on furry fest at fashion week this year? Disturbing.


I feel like lately I have abandoned my vegan ranting for fashion, have you noticed? Promise I will get back to my usual preachy self soon, with professorprofessor now up and running I think I will be posting the majority of my fashion related items on there. Be sure to check it out yall!


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