Its Been A Long Journey . .

Zdravstvuite! (Russian Today!)

I thought I would catch y’all up on some adventures I have been having lately!

During the month of July slaadi went for a visit to his motherland, and returned with some awesome vegan goods for me, so that was pretty rad. He went to a place called Secret Society of Vegans (or Vx) located in central London, where he got me a super kawaii tee and tote bag, featuring their rockabilly-esk style designs. They also came with these hilarious ‘bingo cards’, with the numbers replaced with questions/comments every vegan will hear after telling someone they are vegan for the first time- and they are so accurate! Anyways they sell a range of clothing, footwear, food and accessories so I definitely recommend you check them out. I look forward to visiting them when I eventually travel to London! This may be a stupid question, but can I order their food online and get it shipped to Aust? O_o

Speaking of vegan foods, the other day I was feeling crazy so planned a picnic dinner for slaadi and I to have down on the river! I cooked from 2 until 5, and ended up with a roast beet, spinach & walnut salad, a lasagna tart, and a strawberry & rhubarb ‘cobbler’. Those paired with a couple of chilled ciders (which we later found were from New Zealand surprisingly not that bad),  our favourite Pomehuahua; Chuck, and no one but us, the river and the mosquitos, made for a perfect evening 🙂

On Sunday Axl (bro) and I, went to The Art Gallery of Western Australia and checked out the Patricia Piccinini Relativity exhibition they have on there until the 22.08.2010. It was amazing. I can’t recommend it enough, it has to be the best exhibition I have ever seen there! Her pieces were so realistic, it was chilling! We kept expecting the figurines to blink, shake off the stiffness and walk off! I even got in a sneaky pic with my phone before being scolded by security.

Something else I have also discovered via the blog ‘SixThousand’ is Postcrossing. Basically, you start up an account for yourself on the site, and register for a postcard. This will then give you another user’s info, name, address, likes/dislikes, etc and you have to send them a postcard! I think it’s quite a cute idea, everybody likes receiving mail, and why not mail from a mysterious pen pal from the other side of the globe? It runs on donations so if you register there is no harm throwing them a fiver! But I urge all to be a little cautious with the info they give out, as this is a stalkers jackpot!

For all those who have followed the vegan clogs saga closely this past couple of weeks . . I would just like to let you know I am now the proud owner of Clogs! As previously posted I had discovered some residing at Rubi Shoes. Rubi doesn’t exactly have the best rap for good quality shoes, but I was pleasantly surprised by these! Sure, they are no Jeffrey Campbell, but for a non-leather cheaper option, they aren’t too shabby! In the words of Phyllis from The Office (S6, E13- Secret Santa) “Its been a long journey {sniff} . . but I’m finally Santa Claus!”  . . Well . . Kind of.

Also, as you may have seen from my Twitter feed, I started my Japanese classes last month, and they are going swell! Thinking of taking a leaf out of several books (well in this case, a tab from several blogs?) and posting what I am learning, tips, tricks, etc. It would be a lot more work, for something that will be barely read, and it definitely would help if I bought a new laptop charger . . It’s a work in progress!

Megan Washington’s new album- I Believe You Liar. Do it.


we love music!

High circulation right now?

I love the music I love.

pictures worth 1000 words



play that funky music, white boy

So I thought I would give a little insight into my music taste.

You can hate it, you can love it, you probably won’t care, but here* are a few songs/albums on high rotation at the mo’ for me.

Paul Dempsey; Everything Is True- Whole album- Though my favourite song is ‘Out the Airlock’

Phoenix; Wolfgang Armedeus Phoenix- Whole album ❤

Darwin Deez; Constellations.

Fyfe Dangerfield; When You Walk In The Room- Seriously, this song does to me what ‘Sleepyhead’ by Passion Pit does. No matter what mood I am in its an instant pick me up. I cant listen to it and NOT smile. I see big things ahead.

The following artists can all be found on Triple J Unearthed,where all songs can be downloaded for free!

Big Scary; Apple Song, This Weight, Hey Somebody, Falling Away-
I definitely feel Wolfmother in these songs!

The Jezabels; Disco Biscuit Love, Unmarker Helicopters, Hurt Me- Slaadi and I discovered these guys when they supported Blue Juice, so amaze-balls!

Dan Parsons; Run With Me, I Cant Watch You & Firestarter.

Flying Foxes; Lost in Low Cloud & Napoleon.

Gypsy and the Cat; The Pipers Song & Jona Vark.

Sherlocks Daughter; Song For Old People & Kids.

The Shiny Brights; Not Too Old & Electric Tigerland– I actually saw these guys a while back, at Southbound 2009, and remember really diggin’ them, but forgetting them in my drunken festival haze, I am glad I have found them again ^^

We Can Breathe In Space; The First Contact- Whole Album- This is actually a friends local band from Perth, I suggest you check them out on Unearthed!

*written in no particular order

I guess you could say I have a pretty distinctive taste in music, I don’t know, I hear something, I like it/I hate it. I mostly listen to Triple J, and regularly hit up Unearthed because its just a plethora of unseen talent! I’m into my local bands 🙂 Anyways, so thats pretty much what I have been listening to the most, as of late!


underland or wonderland?

So last night
Slaadi and I went to watch Alice in Wonderland in realD, which was rather grand.

I have only 1 problem with it, and similar movies where the main characters find themselves going from their shitty/boring lives which they seem they hate, into another fantastic world world with quirky friends, no responsibilities and magic etc etc, why do they always go back? If I was Alice I would stay with the hatter and his friends forever, instead of going back to a bland world where no one understood me or loved me for who i was.

It could have gone without the 3D aspect, I dont feel it added more to the experience, it just took alot of the colour away and the glasses were uncomfortable over top of my own, (I mean honestly, I just looked it up, 64% of Americans wear glasses, how about you accomodate for us
4eyes as well huh?)

Also, watching 3D meant we were charged more to buy ourselves some brand spankin’ 3D glasses:


realD? more like real inDie



Ahhh, just another way big companies ruin things by making them mainstream 🙂 

Anyways, before hand Slaadi and myself went to dinner at a small Japanese place in Vic Park, which was actually quite nice, although its outward appearance was not quite aesthetically pleasing. I am my self very judgmental, and was a little skeptical at first, but after tasting their tempura I found myself eating my words! (see what I did there?). I got the veggie tempura don, and Slaadi got his staple miso soup and a Japanese veggie curry, which I suspected was just S& B Golden Curry from the packet. He also got a entree sized serving of teriyaki tofu. I am a very harsh judge on teriyaki tofu, as the best I have ever had in Perth has been from a small sushi joint (Gin Sushi) in (surprisingly) Midland Gate. The sauce was a little too soy saucey for me, but the texture of the sauce/fried tofu was near of perfect.

 Over dinner I got talking about my view on whaling to Slaadi, a subject we both had pretty much the same opinion on.

 I have been hearing an increasing amount of talk in the news about the Australian Government’s anti-whaling stance, and its war on Japanese Whalers.

 There has even been shit thrown out there about the connection between whalers and Japanese gangs like the Yakuza. Ok, K Rudd,  alls I’m saying is DONT FUCK WITH THEM. They are badass.

 ANYWAYS, My question was exactly how is it, that the whaling industry differentiates from the fishing industry?

  People empathize with whales because they are ‘prettier’ than a fish.

They use the defense that whales are ‘smarter’ than fish, Ok, but as Slaadi brought up, we have no qualms with slaughtering pigs, which apparently share the same IQ as a whale. Saying its more ok to kill a fish than a whale because of how intelligent it is, is is like saying its more ok to kill a mentally disabled person than a normal person.

  Just out of interest I asked a co-worker on their opinion over this matter (What is the difference between whaling and fishing) she mainly regurgitated what the media has been spoon feeding us.

There is so much propaganda out there in the regards to the Japanese Whaling & Dolphin industry. Last year I showed her a few clips, 1 being a hunter skinning a baby seal alive for its fur, and 1 being a dolphin being beaten to death (I know, I know, probably shouldn’t have, but I was making a point and was going for shock factor). She brought the dolphin clip up and said that Japanese weren’t humane. I told her about a clip I had seen on Earthling (pretty sure it was?) involving a guy, a crowbar and a pig.

 She brought up that she thought we mostly used livestock for their meat & ‘survival’, whereas the Japanese are using whales for a lot of animal byproducts, and in vivo. A few months ago I told her that her lip balm contained lanolin, and explained where it came from, this understandably grossed her out, and she now refuses to use it (a little hypocritical I think?). Lanolin is one of the hundreds of thousands of animal byproducts people use everyday.

 She also said that the whales hunted were endangered, and the Japanese were essentially killing off the whales as a species. I originally had the same line of thought, but after speaking with Slaadi, and having done additional research, I found that it is more likely that at the rate we are going, the blue fin tuna, which diet fanatics happily snack on, on a daily basis (because it is shown as ‘better than red meat’ in the media) will be gone in as little as 2 years.

 Pretty much, the Australian government should either GTFO because its clearly in over its head and doesn’t know what its talking about, or start being a little more supportive of the ‘uglier animal’s’ rights.


(Please note that I AM against whaling, but have the same attitude towards the killing and slaughter of any animal)


In completely unrelated news, I worked at AC/DC on Saturday, at Subi Oval, and am working there again on Monday. Number 1, I effing hate AC/DC with a burning passion, Number 2, I hate everybody that likes AC/DC, and though it was high on my lists of Worst. Nights. Ever. I found myself relatively impressed by the shear scale of it all. The stage was huge, and as the merch stalls were selling little red devil horns that flickered on and off, the entire field/grandstand was festering (i think that is the most appropriate work for it) with a sea of red flickering lights. Take away the sound, the punter’s personalities, and the Jack Daniels t-shirts, and shit would have been pretty cash.

This shit picture is all I have to offer.

'acca dacca'


Its All About Who You Know

So I thought I’d give y’all a bit of a catch up on the going ons. It has been a rather large couple of days and I will be grateful when I get an uninterrupted couple of zeds. Oh how I dream of the day when I can sleep in LESS that 30deg heat!

It all started Friday night, I worked at the annual UWA Law Courtyard Show. UWA Law are renound for their partying ways. They are also now renound (with me) for being giant douchebags.

I have worked my fair share of events/behind bars. And I couldnt help but wonder . . How did they get a liquor license?!?! It was very thrown together/last minute, and we had to make alot of cardboard signage and well pretty much, tell them how to run a bar. Also, for uni students hoping to become lawyer/legal advisors etc, they know surprisingly little about liquor licensing laws, or just plain refused to abide by them. I really hope I don’t need a lawyer that went to ‘u-dub’ one day. I finished up around 12 from there and managed to get some sleep around 1ish, and then got up the next day ready to do it all again on Saturday for my sisters 18th.

As I have been saying, you know you have thrown a successful 18th when you have seen atleast 1 tween piss on themselves, and atleast 2 tweens hurl on their boyfriends. Goodtimes. Sunday Slaadi and I headed back up to go to the Animal Protection Society Quiz Night, but found ourselves physically and emotionally drained (Ima’ put it down to the dance off) and I attempted to sleep it off. Unfortunately as I had a cold last week, my hangover doubled its effects and I was a croaky, sniffling mess. Yes people, cold + home- made punch= pathetic excuse for a human being! Monday was our public holiday (Labour Day), though as everyone was lounging around in pools drinking cocktail, I was at work at 5.30 in the morning. 😐 I finished up there at 11 and headed straight on to Soundwave, where I was working on bar..



Soundwave was great. I worked there last year and I felt it was alot less of those heavy metal bands this year, I wasnt completely intimidated by the music and actually got to see a couple of bands I have wanted to see for ages, working on main bar which was situated perfectly between the 2 main stages, I had a great view the entire day, and though it was about 100degs out, the work wasnt to hard and we all had a good time.

The bands I caught/enjoyed the most were ‘The Creepshow‘, a cute little hellbilly (most of their songs are about horror films) band out of Ontario, Closure In Moscow‘, a prog rock band out of Vic, ‘Sunny Day Real Estate‘, a band out of Seattle whom I have been told were pioneers in the making of the emo genre, and , ‘Taking Back Sunday‘, a band out of Long Island, which I guess were ok, but a little screamo for my taste, Eagles of Death Metal‘, which to tell you the truth I was a little dissapointed in, I was pretty excited to see these guys because I actually knew who they were, but I can confidently say I wouldnt go see them live again :/, I would rather listen to them on a CD actually.

Alexisonfire‘, again, which were a little heavy for my liking, but I still appreciated their stellar live performance -another band out of Ontario, ‘Paramore‘ oops, I mean Paramore, Ok- Hayley Williams, she is fantastic. It was their first Aust tour so they did some of their older stuff (Misery Business!!!!), seriously, I dont care how lame you think they are because of their affiliation with Twilight etc, they put on a kick ass live show, and totally got the crowd going, also- another Canadian band- whats that aboot?, ‘Placebo‘, I have never really been fazed by these guys, I see them, I dont, whatever, but again, even though they arent my thing, I appreciate that they were a good live band, and they also really got the crowd going.

AFI‘ these guys aren’t my thing, I know like, 1 song (Miss Murder) I heard it, it was ok, I continued working. ‘Janes Addiction‘, an alt rock band from LA, I finished work at the start of their set and this is when I met up with MyLightyear 🙂 , we caught the end of their set and honestly, they ran over time, most of the crowd had lost interest and everyone was waiting for JEW. They just kept going. It was their last song, then there was another, they definitely overstayed their welcome. Finally they got off the effing stage and everyone gathered for ‘Jimmy Eat World‘. I definately thought there was going to be a bigger crowd (dont get me wrong, crowd was huuuge) but I guess most people that went were metal heads and Gallows were playing the same time and I hear they are good (?) Anyways, JEW were great. I would have liked a little more crowd interaction than Jim continuously introducing us to his guitarist Tom, but what can you do. They were superb live, not a let down like alot of big bands tend to be, all the tweens gathered and then left to sing Hear You Me (c/o A Cinderella Story), (Yes I was singing along with them) and they finished with The Middle (no brainer), it was swell.

After that I left poor Dave to his own company again and went to catch the last half of  ‘Dance Gavin Dance‘ a post-hardcore band out of Cali with P and her boy. U thought about staying for ‘A Day to Remember’ but I saw the crowd, and was wayyy too broken for that shit. I also would have liked to have seen ‘Meshuggah’ and ‘Enter Shikari’, as I have heard they were good but there was just no time!

All in all it was good times, and I am looking forward to returning next year to again aid me on my path to inner metalness discovery.


Right now I am at work, I have sneezed atleast 37 times, my eyes are watering, I have no voice and my nose hurts from whiping it with budget tissues, my legs are killing me and i have mild sunburn. I don’t regret a thing.


Sometimes I wear no shoes in public

I have bloggers block. Mostly I just haven’t done anything interesting lately that I can post about.

Is there anyone even reading this out there in the cold desolate wilderness we call the world wide web?

I think if the internet was like a world it would look similar to the slums in the states, or district 9 or something. Each domain would be like a little country and I am telling you now, you do not want to get your passport stamped at 4chan Land! O_o

After much objection from most people I know, I got a kitten on the weekend, his name is Kasabian but he is mostly referred to as cute. Please be aware that I know kittens are for life, not for christmas. Either I adopted him or he got taken to the pound, who would have rejected him because of the plethora of un-neutered/spayed cats out there, he would then have been taken to a vet who probably would have also rejected him, and then I don’t want to even think about what would have happened to him. Anyway, I don’t have to justify my kitten adopting to you, I don’t even know you!


So a co-worker of mine approached me the other day, and said he heard on the grapevine I was a vegan (apparently I’m hot news!). He said that his 14 year old daughter had recently gone vegan, and had just discovered she was eating only tofu. I don’t know how I feel about the girl going vegan, I dont know what the reasoning was behind it, he said he didn’t know whether it was a moral thing, or some sort of ‘lose weight fast’ diet. I don’t know, I mean its great that someone else has jumped on the bandwagon (awesome wagon btw, I chill with the likes of Andre 3000, Thom Yorke and Morrissey) but I would like it a lot more if it wasn’t some sort of misinformed fad diet move. Clearly she is doing it wrong, so he asked for my advice and I said he should make sure she is doing it for all the right reasons, and leant him a couple of simple vegan cook books, an animal rights book and just a list of what I think of as vegan staples, like easy foods such as Not Burgers or Falafels, as well as some good little vegan shops and restaurants, and some websites she may want to visit. I also said if he/she had any questions that they could approach me at anytime, and I could do my best to help, so I hope I am doing my bit, I mean I quite like the idea of being a mentor 😀

I have been pretty much watching Skins non-stop these days, and find my inner-narrator (much like JD’s from scrubs, yet less erratic, and with less music numbers) slipping into a chavvy brit accent and wanting to do hard rugs to be cool like them. I am easily influenced. I remember watching 13 when I was around 14-15, and wanting to be like Evie and Tracey. I’m now pretty sure that the movie was to show you why NOT to do drugs.

In other news, I love my dad, and he is so much better than yours.


My Dad, He is awesome.

If you like awesome music, I implore you to visit Triple J Unearthed, they have tons of free music and I go there regularly to check out some of Australia’s freshest new music. Look at me, plugging web sites and what not!

That is all.