More Vegan Clogin’

So I know some of you might be getting sick of me rambling¬†on about vegan clogs . . but I just can’t help it! I am addicted! And the countless fashion blogs I follow only fuel my hunger more!

I am happy to announce that I have made a few more discoveries today! I’m so proud! ūüėÄ

Introducing, the Miss Me Footwear Woody 4 Black Peep Toe Platform Clog!

Quite a mouthful!¬†I found these babies (who come in black & camel) via Lulus, who even have a ‘vegan shoes’ category! Very commendable!


“Ladies, this is the one shoe your summer wardrobe can’t do without! The Miss Me Footwear Woody 4 Black Peep Toe Platform Clog is a about as sophisticated and stylish as it gets. Comfy ankle strap secures with large brass buckle and three adjustable slots. Peep toe on black, vegan leather upper is detailed with brass nail heads and sexy cutouts along each side. Wooden, 1″ platform at the toe meets a 4″ heel in back for the perfect lift. Black-lined foot bed contrasts brown lining on upper. Brown rubberized sole¬†has non-skid markings at both toe and heel. Fit is true to size. Available in whole and half¬†sizes. All man-made materials. Imported.”

I couldn’t¬†have put it better myself, so I didn’t!

All I can say is at the crazy awesome price of $40, how could you NOT buy these? I know I am getting them in black . . God I can’t wait!

Excitement aside, I have another shoe to present. Not quite a clog, a wedge actually, but it reminded me so much of one of JC’s wedges I thought I would post it aswell!

Jeffrey Campbell Slingback Wedge

Madden Girl Kaliie Vegan Platform Wedge

Similar, non? Ha. I wish that the vegan version wasnt going for the whole ‘distressed leather’ kind of look, but as I have said-¬†veggers¬†can’t be choosers!

You can get these from Alternative Outfitters for $52.00, not bad if you ask me!

I understand that people are opposed to cheap knock offs like those above, stealing designer’s ideas and churning them out the¬†thousands, but make me a high-end¬†vegan clog and I will wear it my friend. Man-made materials are cheaper and easier to produce than ever today, there is honestly no excuse to slaughter animals anymore. Back in day I understand, it was hard to obtain or produce, but with today’s technology¬†it is completely unneccessary! Think about all the costs¬†incurred¬†raising, sheltering, feeding, transporting &¬†slaughtering animals, not to mention what must happen to the fur/hides etc afterward in the finishing process. Throw some reasons out there.

Better quality? Not acceptable. With todays advanced technology, only getting better everyday, super fibers and the like are being created left right and center!

Tradition? Traditions can be broken. unneccessary suffering for the sake of tradition? Are you kidding me?

I think the main reason high-end designers use more expensive materials is to increase the price of an item.

It just makes me so angry a little vein could pop from neck any second!!

Can I also¬†just say that I am NOT liking the fact that bootleg/flair jeans/pants are coming back in?? They are reserved for teens moms trailer trash! Also, I wish that crucifixes weren’t¬†so big right now! I refuse to wear one based on the¬†fact that i oppose everything they stand for! (I wear my beliefs on my sleeves).

I am out! You can find me at Rubi Shoes, trawling the shelves for non leathery goodness.



Soy Un Perdedor

Que Pasa?

Quick update on my somewhat fruitless search for the perfect Vegan Clog. I stumbled across a site that I had no idea existed today!

Down The Rabbit Hole

An online vegan shoe shop, based here in fair Australia! :O This is something you don’t regularly come across! Especially not in Australia! So, yay for that!

Anyways, I am planning my next tattoo (forever planning) and it will be featuring predominantly a V for Vegan.

Excitedly telling my sister, someone overheard and added in- “But what if you stop being vegan, guess you could change the V to an M for meat”

It bugged me at the time, but I quickly said I would never change and went back to showing my sis the pic, but it stuck in the edge of my mind.

My sister mentioned it to a mutual friend today, showing her the pic I had sent, and she said the same, also saying what if I broke up with my boyfriend (slaadi) and dumped veganism along with it. This got me seeing a vibrate shade of rouge. A lot of people have implied to me before that I am only vegan because my boyfriend is.

I didn‚Äôt become a vegan so slaadi would ‘love me’, and¬†I won’t become a meat eater when/if he stops. Its like the one thing/cause in my life that I am truly passionate about and it would take a great deal for me to unsee/unknow everything I know now.


I think¬†ex-vegans are worse than naive omnis. We know too much. I don’t know if¬†ex-vegans put in as much research as some, but honestly, knowing the things we do, I don’t know how a person could be remotely turned on by a piece of meat.¬†This is not a ‚Äėfad‚Äô its forever. It’s a life style choice that I have chosen and will continue to choose for the rest of my life, and I couldn‚Äôt live with myself if I ever went back. I know that my family and friends are sceptical and think that I’m making a huge life time commitment that I cant necessarily keep, but I know and believe in myself, and believe I will be vegan forever.¬†I accept there is things I will never have done like ‘eat cheese in Paris’ or ‘sashimi in Japan’ or ‘mudcrabs in Broome’ but that site ok with me.


She also compared veganism to religion. Sure its something that a large group of people believe in but it’s hardly like a religion, for starters it’s not based on a pack of lies!¬†We don’t encourage hate, and DO encourage science.

Religion. Lol.




For those interested, here is a rough sketch of what I would like, though its on my left hand, when it will actually be on my right.





zombie jesus day!

Ahhh Easter. The one day of the year that its socially acceptable for everyone to stuff themselves with chocolates. Decorated eggs are displayed in office windows, giant inflatable ones harnessed to IGA roofs, chocolates arranged artfully at every counter. Everywhere one looks children and adults alike are parading around with bunny ears, whilst the schools are still trying to objectify the Bilby as our Australian Easter Mascot.

I’m not sure where I am going with this.
I’m not sure how I even feel about easter anymore?
On one side, I want to be able to enjoy a holiday with my family, exchange chocolates (dairy/non-dairy to their respective receivers) and join in with the festivities.

The other side is conflicted.
It all starts with Lent. I don’t understand it at all. I don’t understand where it comes from. I know I shouldnt be speaking about something I don’t fully understand but from what little research i have done (thanks Wiki) i understand that it’s about abstinence from stuff. There are heaps of different forms, like fasting for the entire day, eating only vegetarian, eating only bread, not eating red meat, etc, etc, etc. I had the pleasure of spending my Easter with a catholic. This catholic is an omni who obviously loved his meat. He didn’t understand why he was doing lent, but he did it anyway, because he always has. His lent involved not eating red or white meat. ‘shit peeved me off.



Family Dinner-
The options were; Awesome vegan curry made by yours truly.
Fish curry.
Steak and sausages. (My family isn’t religious and certainly wouldn’t let some being killed get in the way of them are their meats)

I offered up my vegan curry to anyone that wanted it, especially this catholic guy, as he ‘couldn’t’ eat anything else.
Apparently they don’t take to kindly to vegans in 2010, and this ‘strange food’ with its ‘crazy’ name scared him, so he wouldn’t even try the curry, though he was salivating over the fish curry (aswell as the steak and sausages). Still, he abstained, refusing to touch anything other than a slice of bread and some salad. UNTIL 12.01AM. Where he promptly grabbed a plate full of sausage and steak, and meated his little catholic heart out.
My immediate thought? HYPOCRITE. (sorry anonymous catholic guy that was at our house, you were very nice.)
SO there is lent for you. Any explanations please do go on.

Ok now for Easter Sunday.

The entire Easter holiday is spent idolizing fluffy little yellow chickens, and cutesy little eggs, decorated in pretty colors. Then we eat the eggs, both chocolate and real, and toss the cute little chicken figurines and have a roast for dinner.
What is it about a human that compels it to destroy everything?
*sigh* I don’t even know what my point is here.

Easter also pointed out how once again vegans are portrayed in a negative light. I took with me Sweet Williams Vegan chocolates for the fam’. Now most vegans know these taste like crap, I certainly do. It’s just novel to be able to eat chocolate I guess. Anyways I thought what the hell, I will bring a bunch down and I am sure they will get vacuumed up by somebody?

My 12yo sister has it in her head that the only chocolates vegans are dark chocolate – wrong – and what child actually enjoys dark chocolate? I never did. So anyways, the kids (or ‘Babies’ as I fondly know them as) were already pretty skeptical. I tried to explain that these weren’t dark chocolate, they were like ‘milk’ chocolate – minus the milk. It didn’t go down well. I just hate how everyone is so jaded about vegan food. Sweet or savoury. I recently took my older sister to Utopia, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in NB, that specialises in mock meats. I took her there on the pretense that it was a normal omni place, unfortunately she figured it out before she tasted the food because I had raved about it a couple of months ago (damn me and my big mouth!!!). Anyways, after she realized it was vegan her guards were up, she was looking for the safest foods possible. I got a mixed plate of mock meats and by the end of the night she was full and raving about these crazy vegan dishes. I wish everyone could have seen it, you know? It felt good to see her eating her words and admitting she was wrong, vegans 1, omnis, well I guess they are still in their millions. I am just tired of the negative connotations attached to vegans/vegan food. So many people don’t even realize that half the stuff they are eating is vegan, and then when I point it out, they back off. Seriously!

Another example, today I was talking about vegans to a co-worker, he didn’t know I was one and started saying how sickly they all look, and how humans can’t live without meat and dairy, blah, blah, blah, you know- the same points everyone raises. Well boyfriend, how about you do a little research and don’t stereotype. I am fighting fit!


So anyways that’s my little outburst for today, I would like to conclude by saying PeTA, fuck you. Half your ‘spokespeople’ aren’t even vegetarian, and that really annoys me. I hate that people file me in the same folder as you, and automatically think that i think you are rad. You aren’t rad at all.



Rage Thread.

Senate votes down same-sex marriage bill.

In other news, Senate also opposes electricity.

According to¬† the definition of a ‘right’ is as follows;

1. in accordance with what is good, proper, or just: right conduct.

Though scrolling down, I happened accross the following,

5. most convenient, desirable, or favorable.

I¬†couldn’t¬†help but laugh at this. When we talk about basic human rights,
(Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.)

¬†On December 10, 1948, did the General Assembly of the United Nations refer to the word ‘right’, meaning ‘in accordance with what is good, proper, or just’? Or did they really mean ‘most convenient, desirable, or favorable’.

Apparently the ‘
Senate‘ interpreted it as the latter.

Words fail me when I think about this, really? In 2010? Are we still doing this. I just don’t understand. ¬†IMO, the Senate was really just opposing controversy. I mean jeez, we couldn’t even agree on day light savings in WA, let alone giving same sex relationships the right to have a validated marriage. They are basing this on the original¬†Christian* ideology of a marriage, you know the whole man, woman thing. Seriously, get with the times my friends, Christian ideologies of
anything lost most meaning a long time ago, I think it had something to do with the fact that they were telling everyone that Jesus died and then was raised from the dead (see Zombie Jesus)

In a multi-cultural society like today how dare they have the audacity to say that what a gay person believes qualifies for marriage is void?

I wish I kept up my mad English skillz so I could word my opinion properly, I think working here has dumbed me down. Seriously. Like right now I am trying to concentrate on this and someone is
just talking at me. Gah!

Anyways, basically I**, on behalf of all the gays and lesbians that had their hopes up, like many times before, am pissed off.

Getting fed seafood last night in my supposable vegan Sizzling Japanese Bean Curd may have also contributed to my mood.

*Please note that when I entered christian, abc check said it was incorrect, until I changed it to Christian.

**Please also note that I am