Get Rich or Die Trying

So Paige and I are embarking on yet another get rich or die trying adventure!

We tried the whole mobile bartending service, it didnt work out, unfortunately in small towns like Perth there is no calling for that kinda gig, so its kinda gone on the back burner for a while! As I have said, new venture will be an online vintage-thrift like store. Today we are embarking on the first leg of our research, by visiting as many op-shop as possible in the little time we have between my getting home from work and 5pm! I have printed out a couple of lists (see here) and will be sporting my bargain hunting face for the afternoon.

As I mentioned we had the wedding on the weekend, and decadent is an understatement! It was a beautiful day, the couple could not have asked for more! Rain threatened early on, but I guess ‘God’ was happy with all the praise that was given during the long drawn out catholic ceremony, that he cleared it up for them! Seriously though- part of the ceremony included the guests chanting ‘we are not worthy of saying your name’ . . We had to kneel! Each to their own.

Ania (Bride)’s couture wedding dress was amazing. It was custom made for her, and she had fittings for it weekly. I daren’t ask how much it chipped into their 80k budget! The bridesmaid dresses were also gorgeous, with statement frills on one shoulder. I politely asked my sister to take note. The venue for the reception was beautiful, and they had the cutest little photobooth in the corner for guests to get their corny on. Us vegans (slaadi and I) got the typical GVP for dinner, aswell various other vegetables placed on our plates in an artistic fashion, but we expected no more, and I am greatful that they gave us a thought and catered for our needs on their big day 🙂

In other news, Zara has released an iPhone app, allowing users to browse the catalogue and order online, which is an exciting new development! . . For the rest of the world anyway. Although I can own the app, Zara does not service Australia. -_-

Topshop, I have only 1 response after seeing this . . W.T.F? Seriously? No- Seriously? Is fur really so big that we are going to see a full on furry fest at fashion week this year? Disturbing.


I feel like lately I have abandoned my vegan ranting for fashion, have you noticed? Promise I will get back to my usual preachy self soon, with professorprofessor now up and running I think I will be posting the majority of my fashion related items on there. Be sure to check it out yall!



Happy 90210

In America it is 90210 day! Pffft that was so last February here in Australia!!!

Is it wrong that I want to rock the shit out of most of these outfits?

Some totally relevent trends we see Kelly and the gang rockin’ include cropped tops, bustiers, sheer lace, waist-high skirts, blazers, lennon shades, denim & leather jackets, cut off jeans, loose white blouses aswell as earthy tones like tan, mustard, and maroon. Hmm, maybe I should start rewatching for inspiration?

PS- I quit my job bitches. WOO.


(all images via buzzfeed)

sleep deprivation

Long story short, I am tired.

Finding it increasingly harder to focus on work and what not the more the hours go by!

P and myself were discussing Lookbook, as she thinks we should join, post looks, etc. I for one think she would be a perfect candidate, but to be brutally honest don’t think I have the looks, body, clothing or confidence for it! Regardless, it made me evaluate my ‘look’ from an outsiders perspective. I’m sure every girl has that sub-conscious thought in the back of their mind whilst walking down the street that whispers I wonder what s/he thought of me? Or Is what I am wearing good enough? etc. I mostly get it when in shops. I am terribly self-conscious. I care more about what a random, snotty shop assistant thinks of me, than a friend. Don’t even get me started on sales assistants though!

Anyways. So, my style.

My stereotypical look, be it work, home, shopping, festival is usually a variation of the same thing. 

Oversized top? Check

Skinny jeans/jeggings/leggings? Check

Long cardigan? Check

Sometimes when I am feeling ‘crazy’ I will shake it up, and add a high-waisted bondycon skirt, but the base is there.

Head wise I am never without my wayfarer rayban glasses, as well you know, I like to see and stuff. (Yep, you heard me, I’m a genuine four-eyes)

I generally feel naked without something on my head. I have short hair & bangs that is usually long at the front, shorter at the back, and comes in a variety of browny/reddy/purple hues. Never light- A virtue my blonde sister instilled in me from a young age, because *she* was the blonde in the family.

Anyway, I usually go with a crochet mustard beanie to tuck my ‘mane’ into, what can I say? I’m lazy? That, or if I am dressing up, an oversized bow can never go wrong in my books. When I am feeling super ‘indie’ I have a bowlers hat, but it always feels so forced! If all else fails, my hair ‘puffed’ a little and pinned at the back.

Feet-wise you can see me donning my pocket booties, faux docs, an array of brogue lace ups, or flats.

I abide by a few rules. The top must always be bigger than the bottom. My base colour is black. I never wear anything strapless, and rarely show my shoulders if I can help it. I generally try to avoid going without some form of outer-wear.

In conclusion. I am stuck in a fashion rut! I like to think that I am just playing my strengths, taking into account my ‘box’ silhouette, the fact that i am ‘vertically’ challenged, lack of breastage and big hips. I like to think my legs are my strong point, they are by no means ‘perfect pins’, I am settling ok?.

And thats all I have to say about that.


A Photo A Day

I remember a while ago stumbling on a little story that truly tugged my heartstrings.

It was about a man named Jamie Livingston. A film maker, musician, and circus performer. He took a photo a day, everyday (well almost) from March 31, 1979 to  October 25, 1997, the day he died, using his Polaroid camera.

It narrates his life, going through his everyday life, friends, events, etc. In the later years it shows that he has cancer. You follow his journey through chemo,  see him go bald, see his hair regrow. You see his impromptu wedding, followed by his return to hospital. October 25th he dies.

I absolutely love the concept of his idea. I would love to do that. Not for anyone but myself. It really touches me in a way, and makes insignificant things look so much bigger.

You can find his work here


apply within

So Hi (insert sheepish grin here)

I’m back, went on hiatus for a little while there- doing some ‘soul searching’ if you want to call it that. I had a lot of support from a lot of people, which was hugely appreciated 🙂

I consequently have a vague idea of what I want to do. I want to get rid of my debt as soon as possible (easier said than done) but if it means not living the high life for a couple of months, I guess that is what I’m going to have to do. I want to leave full-time employment. I may only be 20 but I have had a job non-stop since I was about 15. I didn’t have a break or holidays after school, I went straight to full-time employment and consequently I am tired, and unhappy. I want to study Japanese; the culture, the language. I plan on doing either my diploma of cert IV before trying to get into the Japanese course at uni. I’m scared. Scared I have forgotten how to learn, or be studious, or how to motivate myself, but really in the end it’s all on me and if I can’t pull this off then I don’t know. I know it’s not going to be easy but what have I got to lose?

I have been turning over the idea another endeavour in my head for a while. I havent really shared it with anyone yet, I cant see it realistically happening but if all people thought like that nothing would ever get done.

So heres my idea, feel free to comment, leave suggestions etc, steal it and I will come after your family 🙂

I want to start sort of a ‘go to’ site for Australian Vegans (probably targeting women) where the customer could go to easily source vegan products, cosmetics, clothing, etc. It’s really hard finding stuff, I find my self looking through hundred of thousands of web pages, getting different things from different places, paying large amounts in shipping alone, it would just be so much easier if it was all done for me, all just 1 click away. I don’t know how it would go, or how cost-effective it would be, as I have said, I havent shared or attempted to develop this with anyone, its in stage 1. I know there are a lot of vegan sites out there with their own products etc, they tend to be all 1 brand from the same company. I was thinking that this site would source from a lot of different companies and brands, brands not well-known for their vegan products.

A lot of the specifically vegan clothing, cosmetics, etc I have seen look cheap and unreliable (no offence guys), I am looking something a little classier.

I know that mac offer some vegan cosmetic products if enough digging is done. Stella McCartney now does a range of vegan fashion. These are brands you don’t expect to see with vegan products.

It would take a lot of research. I would definitely need to know my vegan shit. Also business wise. Would companies allow me to advertise their products on my site? How would I go about distro etc? Should I buy products in bulk and resell? How much would I mark them up to make it worth my while? How would I get my service out in the public eye?

I’d need a partner. You up for it?


lost in life

I turn 20 next week.

I am feeling really lost right now. I feel like everything and everyone is constantly moving forward and i am stumbling to keep up.

I need some sort of purpose, I wake up at 5am to go to a job I hate.  I have no drive or motivation. I am just squandering the hours away here now. I am not working to my full potential because I don’t want to be  here.

I want to go back to school. The thing is I dont know what I want to do there. I feel like I have no particular strengths, but am mediocre at everything.

I can remember the last time my brain was actually stimulated. Is it possible to get dumber- like my brain is now just a redundant muscle, losing its strength? I dont want that. I want to have some sort of goal, I need to work towards something.

I constantly have this chip on my shoulder because I am in an amazing amount of debt. I keep blaming other people in my head for loaning money to a silly naive 18 year old but I know its my fault. I know its my fault that 2 years later I am still in debt. I know its my fault that I am not paying off my debt, yet I still havent done anything about it.
I need help.

This isn’t where I imagined I would be when I turned 20.

hard at work or hardly working vol# 2


My friend and i discovered this the other day in Morley Galleria.

Its only acceptable if he’s winning.


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