underland or wonderland?

So last night
Slaadi and I went to watch Alice in Wonderland in realD, which was rather grand.

I have only 1 problem with it, and similar movies where the main characters find themselves going from their shitty/boring lives which they seem they hate, into another fantastic world world with quirky friends, no responsibilities and magic etc etc, why do they always go back? If I was Alice I would stay with the hatter and his friends forever, instead of going back to a bland world where no one understood me or loved me for who i was.

It could have gone without the 3D aspect, I dont feel it added more to the experience, it just took alot of the colour away and the glasses were uncomfortable over top of my own, (I mean honestly, I just looked it up, 64% of Americans wear glasses, how about you accomodate for us
4eyes as well huh?)

Also, watching 3D meant we were charged more to buy ourselves some brand spankin’ 3D glasses:


realD? more like real inDie



Ahhh, just another way big companies ruin things by making them mainstream 🙂 

Anyways, before hand Slaadi and myself went to dinner at a small Japanese place in Vic Park, which was actually quite nice, although its outward appearance was not quite aesthetically pleasing. I am my self very judgmental, and was a little skeptical at first, but after tasting their tempura I found myself eating my words! (see what I did there?). I got the veggie tempura don, and Slaadi got his staple miso soup and a Japanese veggie curry, which I suspected was just S& B Golden Curry from the packet. He also got a entree sized serving of teriyaki tofu. I am a very harsh judge on teriyaki tofu, as the best I have ever had in Perth has been from a small sushi joint (Gin Sushi) in (surprisingly) Midland Gate. The sauce was a little too soy saucey for me, but the texture of the sauce/fried tofu was near of perfect.

 Over dinner I got talking about my view on whaling to Slaadi, a subject we both had pretty much the same opinion on.

 I have been hearing an increasing amount of talk in the news about the Australian Government’s anti-whaling stance, and its war on Japanese Whalers.

 There has even been shit thrown out there about the connection between whalers and Japanese gangs like the Yakuza. Ok, K Rudd,  alls I’m saying is DONT FUCK WITH THEM. They are badass.

 ANYWAYS, My question was exactly how is it, that the whaling industry differentiates from the fishing industry?

  People empathize with whales because they are ‘prettier’ than a fish.

They use the defense that whales are ‘smarter’ than fish, Ok, but as Slaadi brought up, we have no qualms with slaughtering pigs, which apparently share the same IQ as a whale. Saying its more ok to kill a fish than a whale because of how intelligent it is, is is like saying its more ok to kill a mentally disabled person than a normal person.

  Just out of interest I asked a co-worker on their opinion over this matter (What is the difference between whaling and fishing) she mainly regurgitated what the media has been spoon feeding us.

There is so much propaganda out there in the regards to the Japanese Whaling & Dolphin industry. Last year I showed her a few clips, 1 being a hunter skinning a baby seal alive for its fur, and 1 being a dolphin being beaten to death (I know, I know, probably shouldn’t have, but I was making a point and was going for shock factor). She brought the dolphin clip up and said that Japanese weren’t humane. I told her about a clip I had seen on Earthling (pretty sure it was?) involving a guy, a crowbar and a pig.

 She brought up that she thought we mostly used livestock for their meat & ‘survival’, whereas the Japanese are using whales for a lot of animal byproducts, and in vivo. A few months ago I told her that her lip balm contained lanolin, and explained where it came from, this understandably grossed her out, and she now refuses to use it (a little hypocritical I think?). Lanolin is one of the hundreds of thousands of animal byproducts people use everyday.

 She also said that the whales hunted were endangered, and the Japanese were essentially killing off the whales as a species. I originally had the same line of thought, but after speaking with Slaadi, and having done additional research, I found that it is more likely that at the rate we are going, the blue fin tuna, which diet fanatics happily snack on, on a daily basis (because it is shown as ‘better than red meat’ in the media) will be gone in as little as 2 years.

 Pretty much, the Australian government should either GTFO because its clearly in over its head and doesn’t know what its talking about, or start being a little more supportive of the ‘uglier animal’s’ rights.


(Please note that I AM against whaling, but have the same attitude towards the killing and slaughter of any animal)


In completely unrelated news, I worked at AC/DC on Saturday, at Subi Oval, and am working there again on Monday. Number 1, I effing hate AC/DC with a burning passion, Number 2, I hate everybody that likes AC/DC, and though it was high on my lists of Worst. Nights. Ever. I found myself relatively impressed by the shear scale of it all. The stage was huge, and as the merch stalls were selling little red devil horns that flickered on and off, the entire field/grandstand was festering (i think that is the most appropriate work for it) with a sea of red flickering lights. Take away the sound, the punter’s personalities, and the Jack Daniels t-shirts, and shit would have been pretty cash.

This shit picture is all I have to offer.

'acca dacca'