another day

SO another rather funny work order has come through today, which i thought i would share.

Just a note- I have been advised to be a little more ‘prudent‘ when showing work orders on the internets, hence, alot more black lines!



Moley moley moley


P and Myself are planning our cosplay entries for Supanova 2010 (proudly supported by Borders, Madman and . . Dominos?), and yes, we do plan on actually showing up this time. We are thinking of going as Shana from Shakugan no Shana, possibly with one of us in her summer uniform;

and one of us in her winter uniform;

Maybe one of us with her red hair and one with her brown? Its a work in progress. We want to cosplay her mostly because she is kick ass, and has a sweet sword.

On a completely unrelated note, Happy 90210 day! You will figure it out 😉



Well Hi.

So I’m hoping to keep this as some sort of dumping ground for the strange and wonderful stuff that goes through my mind on a day to day basis. Chances I will forget about this in a few weeks and never update it again.

This will mostly be used to vent my frustrations re; the calibre of people i work with, any vegan recipes I stumble on I think are worth sharing and random musings in general.

To give you a general profile of me


I was converted to vegan-ism last July (?) after an eye opening experience involving the documentary Earthlings.

I hate my job, which involves being stuck in an office with a group of social misfits, mostly whom are double my age and width (some qualify as clinically obese) – I am sure you will hear plenty more about them to come!

I have a slightly older boyfriend (lets call him slaad) who is smart and teaches me good.

I have just started getting into anime and manga, cosplaying and such, so I guess I will be offering my opinions on anything I have watched and/or read.

Wow. I just had to explain my job to a new guy. It sounds even dumber out loud. Who knew it was possible.