Sometimes I wear no shoes in public

I have bloggers block. Mostly I just haven’t done anything interesting lately that I can post about.

Is there anyone even reading this out there in the cold desolate wilderness we call the world wide web?

I think if the internet was like a world it would look similar to the slums in the states, or district 9 or something. Each domain would be like a little country and I am telling you now, you do not want to get your passport stamped at 4chan Land! O_o

After much objection from most people I know, I got a kitten on the weekend, his name is Kasabian but he is mostly referred to as cute. Please be aware that I know kittens are for life, not for christmas. Either I adopted him or he got taken to the pound, who would have rejected him because of the plethora of un-neutered/spayed cats out there, he would then have been taken to a vet who probably would have also rejected him, and then I don’t want to even think about what would have happened to him. Anyway, I don’t have to justify my kitten adopting to you, I don’t even know you!


So a co-worker of mine approached me the other day, and said he heard on the grapevine I was a vegan (apparently I’m hot news!). He said that his 14 year old daughter had recently gone vegan, and had just discovered she was eating only tofu. I don’t know how I feel about the girl going vegan, I dont know what the reasoning was behind it, he said he didn’t know whether it was a moral thing, or some sort of ‘lose weight fast’ diet. I don’t know, I mean its great that someone else has jumped on the bandwagon (awesome wagon btw, I chill with the likes of Andre 3000, Thom Yorke and Morrissey) but I would like it a lot more if it wasn’t some sort of misinformed fad diet move. Clearly she is doing it wrong, so he asked for my advice and I said he should make sure she is doing it for all the right reasons, and leant him a couple of simple vegan cook books, an animal rights book and just a list of what I think of as vegan staples, like easy foods such as Not Burgers or Falafels, as well as some good little vegan shops and restaurants, and some websites she may want to visit. I also said if he/she had any questions that they could approach me at anytime, and I could do my best to help, so I hope I am doing my bit, I mean I quite like the idea of being a mentor 😀

I have been pretty much watching Skins non-stop these days, and find my inner-narrator (much like JD’s from scrubs, yet less erratic, and with less music numbers) slipping into a chavvy brit accent and wanting to do hard rugs to be cool like them. I am easily influenced. I remember watching 13 when I was around 14-15, and wanting to be like Evie and Tracey. I’m now pretty sure that the movie was to show you why NOT to do drugs.

In other news, I love my dad, and he is so much better than yours.


My Dad, He is awesome.

If you like awesome music, I implore you to visit Triple J Unearthed, they have tons of free music and I go there regularly to check out some of Australia’s freshest new music. Look at me, plugging web sites and what not!

That is all.