Time to Wonder

Hey All,

Just a quick one today!

Love Sam Elderman’s Zoe boot

But dont love wearing skin, or the $198 price tag?

Well, I accidentally stumbled into an awesome vegan alternative at the start of the year! (Before I even knew who Sam Elderman was) (yes- a sad existance)

They are made from PU and faux leather, are roughly a 3rd of the price and asides the ‘quilted leather’ and double buckles are almost identical.

These are definately on my list (list of items that I would rather buy than spend the money eating for the day instead). Give me a few hours, I’ll break.

Anyway, you can find these babies on eBay for $66.54AUD plus shipping.


Also, Slaadi and I went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World, complete with 16bit graphics and music from The Legend of Zelda, Beck, Metric, and The Rolling Stones to name a few, it was an indie-gamers wet dream. I loved the fast pace of the film, and the fact that he is literally ‘bringing a comic book to life’. And I mean, cmon, you cant go wrong with Michael Cera!

 It was a little depressing though, after the film, realising that the words  or  werent going to errupt into the air whenever I hit someone . . but I guess I can just settle on one of these headbands.



Up on melancholy hill, Theres a plastic tree



Why does everybody in the world assume that vegans are hippies? Honestly, some of the vegan clothing and shoes I found are just awful! 



It is so annoying trying to be fashion forward when it seems like things in fashion all must be UNVEGAN; fur, leather and feathers seem to be the big thing right now, as well as old classics like silk, suede and wool.



I have decided to take a look at a few trending items, and list affordable options for the everyday fashion forward vegan gal. (sorry- i have been watching too much SATC lately!)



First of all, lets look at the Doc Marten.




Another old classic, with grunge back in a big way, it seems to be what everyone is wearing, paired with opaque tights and a shift dress, or skinny jeans and a military jacket, Daria would be devastated if she knew that her look was now being worn by the masses. CIt appears she wears the 8 hole and Jane wears the 10?)




Anyway, so naturally, I HAD to have a pair. According to Wiki, in 2003 Doc Marten discontinued their vegan line when they outsourced their production to China and Thailand, which sucks, because I know there is a high demand for them! Not just from vegans, but every those (soft cock) vegetarians! They occasionally pop up on ebay but the chances are they either sell for ridiculous amounts or they just aren’t your size.




I found these on the website vegetarian shoes, a site based over in the UK. They are relatively close to Docs, and look like they are a pretty good quality, but the price turns me off, at roughly $122.67AUD a pop, + $46.21AUD in shipping.



I also found these on the site, but again, the amount they are charging makes me dislike them. There are a few different colours, notable white is missing which is a shame, also, I am hesitant to go with the red like I so willingly would if real Docs were vegan, as because they are man made, I dont think they would work the faded, worn look quite as well as I wanted them too.





I found myself a pair of fake Docs, closest to the real thing as I could get, on eBay.



Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they are no longer available. They are ok, the man made fibre is taking longer than I hoped to break in, and the where the tongues are stitched in I am getting bruising on the top of my feet! Also the toe is a tiny bit rounder than I would like, they are growing on me though!



My search has also led me to look for easier items, such as Military/Combat boots. Similar to Docs, but slimmer looking, with a more pointed toe.



I found these ultra cute ‘Glasgow Boots’ & Leeds Riding Boots on one of my much visited sites- Nasty Gal


I found these on Urban Outfitters, ranging from $68 to $78, these are made with PU, PVC, rubber, mixed metals and have synthetic soles.



I found these canvas alternatives via TOPSHOP , at around $70 a pop


 In the coming days I am going to try track down some vegan clogs, because I have gone against all my best judgement, betrayed myself and fallen in love with them*.




I am yet to find vegan alternatives to Jeffrey Campbell wedges 😦


Until then, Auf Wiedersehen!