Well Hi.

So I’m hoping to keep this as some sort of dumping ground for the strange and wonderful stuff that goes through my mind on a day to day basis. Chances I will forget about this in a few weeks and never update it again.

This will mostly be used to vent my frustrations re; the calibre of people i work with, any vegan recipes I stumble on I think are worth sharing and random musings in general.

To give you a general profile of me


I was converted to vegan-ism last July (?) after an eye opening experience involving the documentary Earthlings.

I hate my job, which involves being stuck in an office with a group of social misfits, mostly whom are double my age and width (some qualify as clinically obese) – I am sure you will hear plenty more about them to come!

I have a slightly older boyfriend (lets call him slaad) who is smart and teaches me good.

I have just started getting into anime and manga, cosplaying and such, so I guess I will be offering my opinions on anything I have watched and/or read.

Wow. I just had to explain my job to a new guy. It sounds even dumber out loud. Who knew it was possible.