sleep deprivation

Long story short, I am tired.

Finding it increasingly harder to focus on work and what not the more the hours go by!

P and myself were discussing Lookbook, as she thinks we should join, post looks, etc. I for one think she would be a perfect candidate, but to be brutally honest don’t think I have the looks, body, clothing or confidence for it! Regardless, it made me evaluate my ‘look’ from an outsiders perspective. I’m sure every girl has that sub-conscious thought in the back of their mind whilst walking down the street that whispers I wonder what s/he thought of me? Or Is what I am wearing good enough? etc. I mostly get it when in shops. I am terribly self-conscious. I care more about what a random, snotty shop assistant thinks of me, than a friend. Don’t even get me started on sales assistants though!

Anyways. So, my style.

My stereotypical look, be it work, home, shopping, festival is usually a variation of the same thing. 

Oversized top? Check

Skinny jeans/jeggings/leggings? Check

Long cardigan? Check

Sometimes when I am feeling ‘crazy’ I will shake it up, and add a high-waisted bondycon skirt, but the base is there.

Head wise I am never without my wayfarer rayban glasses, as well you know, I like to see and stuff. (Yep, you heard me, I’m a genuine four-eyes)

I generally feel naked without something on my head. I have short hair & bangs that is usually long at the front, shorter at the back, and comes in a variety of browny/reddy/purple hues. Never light- A virtue my blonde sister instilled in me from a young age, because *she* was the blonde in the family.

Anyway, I usually go with a crochet mustard beanie to tuck my ‘mane’ into, what can I say? I’m lazy? That, or if I am dressing up, an oversized bow can never go wrong in my books. When I am feeling super ‘indie’ I have a bowlers hat, but it always feels so forced! If all else fails, my hair ‘puffed’ a little and pinned at the back.

Feet-wise you can see me donning my pocket booties, faux docs, an array of brogue lace ups, or flats.

I abide by a few rules. The top must always be bigger than the bottom. My base colour is black. I never wear anything strapless, and rarely show my shoulders if I can help it. I generally try to avoid going without some form of outer-wear.

In conclusion. I am stuck in a fashion rut! I like to think that I am just playing my strengths, taking into account my ‘box’ silhouette, the fact that i am ‘vertically’ challenged, lack of breastage and big hips. I like to think my legs are my strong point, they are by no means ‘perfect pins’, I am settling ok?.

And thats all I have to say about that.


Long Time No Blog

Well Hey There,

Long time no blog right? I know, I know.

To the point,

I know Winter is almost over but I am still addicted to pouring over fashion blogs looking for the perfect winter outfit, and lusting over everything!

Trends I am loving right now include the following; Sheer, Panels, Olive/Khaki, Capes,  Lace Up Boots, Bowler Hats, Tailored Trousers & Jumpsuits

My top visited fashion sites?

Unfortunately I have to find the vegan alternative to alot of stuff! Well, not unfortunately, its just a tiny bit harder 🙂

Speaking of Vegan Fashion, I put in the looong haul looking for cute vegan-wear, and have finally found the most perfect discovery! Introducing, Vaute Couture.


I love everything about the small brand! The tees and jewellery are adorable, and I finally have found somewhere I can find great coats/jackets with no trouble! I have been dealing with the creator/owner Leanne Hilgart, and have found she is lovely and very obliging 🙂

On a vegan note, yes, the oil spill, it seems to be all that anyone is talking about these days (well, that and the whole Julia Gillard- 1st Woman Prime Minister thing), I sent out an appeal to all my friends, and what kinda vegan would I be if I didnt paste an exerpt of it in here 🙂


The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not getting any smaller, and such a careless mistake by BP is having crazy serious environmental impacts, not only in the immediate area, but soon all over the world. I am sure you have all seen some of the pictures below, and they really are shocking. And its not just birds that are suffering, animals all around the area are.  You might not care as much about that stuff as I do, thats ok, but surely you must care about the bigger picture. The spill is destroying ecosystems, hell if anything, worry for the lack of fish that will soon be in your diet. Studies have found that the oil spill will hit the Atlantic by October, the year has gone so fast I bet you don’t even realise that is only 2 and a bit months away. You might think, pffft- 2 and a half months? It will be over by then. Sorry guys- I mean as you saw above, it has been 64days, the Deepwater Horizon exploded on the 20th of April, with the slick starting on April 22nd. The spill is leaking at about 2,100,000 US gallons per day. That is alot. (Understatement?) What is 2,100,000 x 64?

I could go into the the ocean rape far more, but the purpose of this email wasn’t to bore you, I just wanted to bring it to your attention. Why are you telling me this? I hear you asking yourself? WELL funny story actually.

We can help.

Kenneth Cole (Designer) is selling T-Shirts from his facebook page, ($25) with 100% of net profits being donated to ‘Awearness’- The Kenneth Cole Foundation to support clean-up effort through July 2010.

Threadless are also selling shirts (sold out at the moment- lift your game Threadless!) they are only $10, all proceeds going to the Gulf Restoration Network. also take donations. I’m not writing to beg you all to donate your money bla blab bla, if anything, all I ask is that you send this on, because ultimately if  awareness is the best we can do, then awareness is the best we can do!

It’s not MY fault, I hear you saying in your head, whilst rolling your eyes. Damn hippy! I hear others say. Think about it guys. How many times have we taken the car to the shops, when maybe we could have walked? I know I do it. We are a wasteful society. Maybe we should try give back a little, where we have taken so much?


thats all from me now.