attention dairy consumers

Last night I stumbled upon a really informative clip on YouTube regarding the dairy industry.
It took all the information I knew, and a lot I didn’t know, about the dairy industry and condensed it down into a 5 minute clip that evidently was really effective.
Through some research I have done, I have come up with the figure of 40%- yes, as in almost half of all dairy cows suffer from mastitis. The most common form is contagious mastitis, which can be easily transmitted from one cow to another during milking. Symptoms of mastitis can include gross inflammation of the teat (swelling, redness, heat and pain), aswell as a reduction in the milk yield, changes of the milks composition, and in the cows case, fever, depression, shivering, loss of appetite and consequently loss of weight. This all occurs to a cow that has been enslaved into a life of giving.   





L Mastitis infected cow's milk R Healthy cow's milk


Anyways, veal also comes into the dairy industry. Think about it, humans give milk why? Because they have just had babies. Cows are the same.

So what happens to the calves you ask? Well funny story. The calves are separated from their mother from the get go, causing great distress to both. Yep- we are the dingoes stealing their babies. The female cows are lucky, they get to grow up into dairy cows aswell, and if not, get slaughtered for their precious rennet (found in the stomach) so we can enjoy a nice fondu ahhh– it’s a glamorous life ahead. I’m not sure who gets it better though, because males, well there is just so much in store for them! They get to go to big fancy auctions where they are paraded around a ring, tripping over their own legs, mostly because they have barely had the chance to form enough muscle to take their first steps. They are then bought by the lucky winner, and get put into a cozy isolated little cages (so they can do some serious soul-searching) where their legs go lame, as the stalls are so small they can barely lay down comfortably, or even turn around.  


They are then fed on a delicious almost all liquid iron reduced diet (slimming!) which consist of milk replacer (yep, they don’t even get to taste real milk, mostly because momma’s back at the dairy shed, so you can have your daily dose of cookies and milk) until they are borderline anemic. This creates that lovely pale coloured veal, fancied by the more ‘cultured’ meat eater.  

Once dairy cows are done living their charmed life they are sold off at auctions, and as their flesh is such a low quality, are mostly used as burger patties. 





 I honestly think he was going to cry. We talked about him being fucked after that and he said he wouldn’t consume dairy, I told him he must have been be aware of what was going on, and he said he didn’t think about it. Being naive about something doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Also- kid couldn’t last a week without dairy, let alone being a vegan. He did say something that stuck with me though, he said, if you showed me this, and then I showed other people, and they showed other people, and they showed other people, then maybe everyone would stop and it wouldn’t happen anymore. It was cute. But ever the cynic, I told him what my omnivore sister once told me, ‘it still taste good, so nobody cares’.










A Vegan’s Rights

I put forth this to you (all my non-existant followers)

What are a vegans rights? Like rights in the workplace.

My issue is this, my work place- like many work places around the world, provides tea and coffee amenities, including a range of cows milk (full cream, skim etc) for its workers. There is no soy milk provided. Do I have the right to request soy milk? Many people that I have discussed this matter with have responded by saying you are a minority (only vegan here) so why should you get soy milk especially? (These people are omnivores).

I rebutt with this, there is an Ethnic man here who is getting a prayer room built for him, for his religion. He is a minority, being the only person who would use it. They respond with but yes, thats his religion.

How is his religion any different from my lifestyle choice/beliefs. He believes in a god and I believe in animal rights, but his beliefs are more valid than mine? Please note that I am not by any means saying his religion is rubbish/unimportant, he can believe in whatever he wants, just as I can, but really, what is the difference?

One person even said no, its his religion, its his choice. My dear friend, how is being vegan not a choice? I am not asking for much, I would be happy with one of those juice box sized milk cartons of SoGood to last me a week, it is approximately $5 for a pack of 6. Why should I be forced to spend my break driving to Muzz Buzz and paying $6.50 (because soy milk is .50c more than normal milk) whilst they simply stroll over to the fridge.

They argue that this work place doesnt even have to supply us with those milks, so how would they feel if they stopped providing them?

I am a shift worker, and we have a fatigue management policy and procedure in place, a suggestion on this policy includes utilizing breaks to make teas and coffees to aid recuperation.

My lack of rights doesn’t stop there, over Christmas they threw a luncheon, including 3 types of spit roasted meats, but no vegan options, even the salads had cheese in them. We have fortnightly toolbox meetings which I am forced to attend, where they bbq bacon, sausage and eggs whilst talking about issues that don’t even concern me in my role here.

I am just tired of constantly getting the short end of the stick being vegan. People, in Perth especially, need to stop being so close minded about them. I am not going to stop being vegan because of the constant struggle that we go through on a daily basis, from finding a cheap vegan meal easily or being heckled by the majority of people I know, but seriously. Seriously.