Its Been A Long Journey . .

Zdravstvuite! (Russian Today!)

I thought I would catch y’all up on some adventures I have been having lately!

During the month of July slaadi went for a visit to his motherland, and returned with some awesome vegan goods for me, so that was pretty rad. He went to a place called Secret Society of Vegans (or Vx) located in central London, where he got me a super kawaii tee and tote bag, featuring their rockabilly-esk style designs. They also came with these hilarious ‘bingo cards’, with the numbers replaced with questions/comments every vegan will hear after telling someone they are vegan for the first time- and they are so accurate! Anyways they sell a range of clothing, footwear, food and accessories so I definitely recommend you check them out. I look forward to visiting them when I eventually travel to London! This may be a stupid question, but can I order their food online and get it shipped to Aust? O_o

Speaking of vegan foods, the other day I was feeling crazy so planned a picnic dinner for slaadi and I to have down on the river! I cooked from 2 until 5, and ended up with a roast beet, spinach & walnut salad, a lasagna tart, and a strawberry & rhubarb ‘cobbler’. Those paired with a couple of chilled ciders (which we later found were from New Zealand surprisingly not that bad),  our favourite Pomehuahua; Chuck, and no one but us, the river and the mosquitos, made for a perfect evening 🙂

On Sunday Axl (bro) and I, went to The Art Gallery of Western Australia and checked out the Patricia Piccinini Relativity exhibition they have on there until the 22.08.2010. It was amazing. I can’t recommend it enough, it has to be the best exhibition I have ever seen there! Her pieces were so realistic, it was chilling! We kept expecting the figurines to blink, shake off the stiffness and walk off! I even got in a sneaky pic with my phone before being scolded by security.

Something else I have also discovered via the blog ‘SixThousand’ is Postcrossing. Basically, you start up an account for yourself on the site, and register for a postcard. This will then give you another user’s info, name, address, likes/dislikes, etc and you have to send them a postcard! I think it’s quite a cute idea, everybody likes receiving mail, and why not mail from a mysterious pen pal from the other side of the globe? It runs on donations so if you register there is no harm throwing them a fiver! But I urge all to be a little cautious with the info they give out, as this is a stalkers jackpot!

For all those who have followed the vegan clogs saga closely this past couple of weeks . . I would just like to let you know I am now the proud owner of Clogs! As previously posted I had discovered some residing at Rubi Shoes. Rubi doesn’t exactly have the best rap for good quality shoes, but I was pleasantly surprised by these! Sure, they are no Jeffrey Campbell, but for a non-leather cheaper option, they aren’t too shabby! In the words of Phyllis from The Office (S6, E13- Secret Santa) “Its been a long journey {sniff} . . but I’m finally Santa Claus!”  . . Well . . Kind of.

Also, as you may have seen from my Twitter feed, I started my Japanese classes last month, and they are going swell! Thinking of taking a leaf out of several books (well in this case, a tab from several blogs?) and posting what I am learning, tips, tricks, etc. It would be a lot more work, for something that will be barely read, and it definitely would help if I bought a new laptop charger . . It’s a work in progress!

Megan Washington’s new album- I Believe You Liar. Do it.


I Die

Wool: The only thing that could come between me and the beautiful cape. A part of my soul died when I read this amazing military cape’s description.

Update on vegan clogs. No such luck re the Forever21 find. After my disgruntled email they offered their reply;

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent request.

At this time if you do not see an item or a specific size or color on our website, it is no longer available for purchase. Generally, we do not re-stock items but if they are, we are not notified in advance. It is recommended that you check our website periodically for new and re-stocked items. You can, however, check your local Forever 21 store/s to see if the item is available. You would need to provide the store with an item ID number/ Product Code.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Forever 21-Customer Service

So that was that. On the plus size I have since discovered that clogs are apparently available at Rubi Shoes. The minus being, its Rubi Shoes. Bad quality for sure! That wont stop me getting my cloggy fix though!