Lust for Life

I find myself having these ‘moments’, more and more often. A moment when I fall in love with something, look at its description, and die a little inside, finding its made of suede, or leather, pony hair and the like. I want to write to the website and say “But . . Are you sure???

P and myself are planning on going to the Perth Fashion Festival, and there is so much I want to wear, and so little I actually CAN wear!!! 😥

Speaking of the dynamic duo (P and I) we would also like to maybe start-up a little online vintage store of likes! Nothing major, start a store, be successful, cult following, have Jeffrey Campbell dedicate a pair of beautiful vegan clogs to me . . Nothing too big?

At the moment we are in the research stages, our biggest issue is resources. Perth isn’t exactly fashion capital of Australia, so I am doubtful as to whether we will find vintage Givenchy whilst rummaging through bargain bins at Vinnies. Also, it seems Perth isn’t very big on markets, thrift or vintage stores that I can see? If you have any tips, please do let me know!!! We plan on going to Badelaide next year (P’s home town) for the Fringe Festival, so we should be able to find some great pieces there, but it’s not like we can go jet setting over to others states all the time to source our vintage needs!

I am definitely thinking though if we do get this up and running, that I will have an awesome vegan section.

Getting ahead of ourselves now though! Back to Perth Fashion Week, and things I want but just can’t have. We are contemplating attending the Mercedes-Benz WA Fashion Awards, held at the prestigious Burswood Grand Ballroom. Issue 1. Tickets are near on $200. Issue 2. WHAT WOULD WE WEAR??? It’s black tie, and an issue I have with trying to find black tie/formal attire (we will get back to that) is I feel like a lot of it is not that relevant.
Saying that though, Paige has recently come to own a b-e-a-utiful black maxi dress, with a quilted leather bandeau and flowing chiffon(?) skirt. Although I don’t approve of the leather aspect, it IS gorgeous. I havent come across anything outstanding as of yet. :/

Going back to the searching of formal/black tie dress code, I am attending a quite lavish wedding this weekend, and have recently come to learn that we are expected to wear 2 dresses, something I had not ever heard of (apparently its European) (Polish + Italian wedding), and caved into buying both- any excuse! I found a dress for the wedding its self, dress code being a little more casual  than the reception, that was easy! I picked up a MinkPink maxi from P and my favourite store ‘This Fine Day’ on Eighth in Maylands, which I will be playing down a little with a belt and blazer to give the appearance that I have a ‘shape’.

The formal part, however, I definitely struggled with. The issue is that my ‘style’ is not formal, people I know can pull it off, but I find it very difficult! Also, there is a plethora of floral prints out, we tried that, it failed. I can pull off the ‘girly’ look, it’s just not me. I prefer darker shades, and block colours. I actually prefer black- always a classic, easy to accessorise, gives the illusion of a better body, works with any skin tone/hair colour, but the bride frowned upon wearing black! I didnt want to rock another maxi as much as I love them right now, as I was already wearing one- it would have looked to similar! Then there was the issue of length, how short is too short? Would I find a dress in which I could wear the same shoes/accessories, or was I going to have to buy everything in lots of 2???

Anyway, after days of searching and almost giving up, we did it. I settled on a dark blue dress, I think its Miss Shop? Appropriately lengthed, that cinches at the waist with a black bow. This means I can probably share accessories, I think I will rock the blazer with both, though I imagine once the champaign kicks in I will be removing it to bust a move on the d-floor, black wedges, black jewellery possible a ‘bib/collar’ type chunky necklace with detail, and a giant ass flower headpiece.


Trend I am crazy feeling right now? A trend I, aswell as countless cougars out there, have been rocking for years, leopard print. Its back! (Like it ever left??) bigger and better than ever!

This excludes the fur version. Tacky, tacky, tacky. I like the bolder prints, like the one on the oversized bag, as opposed to the smaller more natural looking prints. I found this feature at TOPSHOP, and am lusting over the new leopard print bags, but unfortunately, as the story goes, all leather. *Le sigh*. Another brand I have found to be rockin’ the bold leopard print is Motel;

Love it.

Anyways, I just found something new and crucial to stress about.


Up on melancholy hill, Theres a plastic tree



Why does everybody in the world assume that vegans are hippies? Honestly, some of the vegan clothing and shoes I found are just awful! 



It is so annoying trying to be fashion forward when it seems like things in fashion all must be UNVEGAN; fur, leather and feathers seem to be the big thing right now, as well as old classics like silk, suede and wool.



I have decided to take a look at a few trending items, and list affordable options for the everyday fashion forward vegan gal. (sorry- i have been watching too much SATC lately!)



First of all, lets look at the Doc Marten.




Another old classic, with grunge back in a big way, it seems to be what everyone is wearing, paired with opaque tights and a shift dress, or skinny jeans and a military jacket, Daria would be devastated if she knew that her look was now being worn by the masses. CIt appears she wears the 8 hole and Jane wears the 10?)




Anyway, so naturally, I HAD to have a pair. According to Wiki, in 2003 Doc Marten discontinued their vegan line when they outsourced their production to China and Thailand, which sucks, because I know there is a high demand for them! Not just from vegans, but every those (soft cock) vegetarians! They occasionally pop up on ebay but the chances are they either sell for ridiculous amounts or they just aren’t your size.




I found these on the website vegetarian shoes, a site based over in the UK. They are relatively close to Docs, and look like they are a pretty good quality, but the price turns me off, at roughly $122.67AUD a pop, + $46.21AUD in shipping.



I also found these on the site, but again, the amount they are charging makes me dislike them. There are a few different colours, notable white is missing which is a shame, also, I am hesitant to go with the red like I so willingly would if real Docs were vegan, as because they are man made, I dont think they would work the faded, worn look quite as well as I wanted them too.





I found myself a pair of fake Docs, closest to the real thing as I could get, on eBay.



Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they are no longer available. They are ok, the man made fibre is taking longer than I hoped to break in, and the where the tongues are stitched in I am getting bruising on the top of my feet! Also the toe is a tiny bit rounder than I would like, they are growing on me though!



My search has also led me to look for easier items, such as Military/Combat boots. Similar to Docs, but slimmer looking, with a more pointed toe.



I found these ultra cute ‘Glasgow Boots’ & Leeds Riding Boots on one of my much visited sites- Nasty Gal


I found these on Urban Outfitters, ranging from $68 to $78, these are made with PU, PVC, rubber, mixed metals and have synthetic soles.



I found these canvas alternatives via TOPSHOP , at around $70 a pop


 In the coming days I am going to try track down some vegan clogs, because I have gone against all my best judgement, betrayed myself and fallen in love with them*.




I am yet to find vegan alternatives to Jeffrey Campbell wedges 😦


Until then, Auf Wiedersehen!




Long Time No Blog

Well Hey There,

Long time no blog right? I know, I know.

To the point,

I know Winter is almost over but I am still addicted to pouring over fashion blogs looking for the perfect winter outfit, and lusting over everything!

Trends I am loving right now include the following; Sheer, Panels, Olive/Khaki, Capes,  Lace Up Boots, Bowler Hats, Tailored Trousers & Jumpsuits

My top visited fashion sites?

Unfortunately I have to find the vegan alternative to alot of stuff! Well, not unfortunately, its just a tiny bit harder 🙂

Speaking of Vegan Fashion, I put in the looong haul looking for cute vegan-wear, and have finally found the most perfect discovery! Introducing, Vaute Couture.


I love everything about the small brand! The tees and jewellery are adorable, and I finally have found somewhere I can find great coats/jackets with no trouble! I have been dealing with the creator/owner Leanne Hilgart, and have found she is lovely and very obliging 🙂

On a vegan note, yes, the oil spill, it seems to be all that anyone is talking about these days (well, that and the whole Julia Gillard- 1st Woman Prime Minister thing), I sent out an appeal to all my friends, and what kinda vegan would I be if I didnt paste an exerpt of it in here 🙂


The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not getting any smaller, and such a careless mistake by BP is having crazy serious environmental impacts, not only in the immediate area, but soon all over the world. I am sure you have all seen some of the pictures below, and they really are shocking. And its not just birds that are suffering, animals all around the area are.  You might not care as much about that stuff as I do, thats ok, but surely you must care about the bigger picture. The spill is destroying ecosystems, hell if anything, worry for the lack of fish that will soon be in your diet. Studies have found that the oil spill will hit the Atlantic by October, the year has gone so fast I bet you don’t even realise that is only 2 and a bit months away. You might think, pffft- 2 and a half months? It will be over by then. Sorry guys- I mean as you saw above, it has been 64days, the Deepwater Horizon exploded on the 20th of April, with the slick starting on April 22nd. The spill is leaking at about 2,100,000 US gallons per day. That is alot. (Understatement?) What is 2,100,000 x 64?

I could go into the the ocean rape far more, but the purpose of this email wasn’t to bore you, I just wanted to bring it to your attention. Why are you telling me this? I hear you asking yourself? WELL funny story actually.

We can help.

Kenneth Cole (Designer) is selling T-Shirts from his facebook page, ($25) with 100% of net profits being donated to ‘Awearness’- The Kenneth Cole Foundation to support clean-up effort through July 2010.

Threadless are also selling shirts (sold out at the moment- lift your game Threadless!) they are only $10, all proceeds going to the Gulf Restoration Network. also take donations. I’m not writing to beg you all to donate your money bla blab bla, if anything, all I ask is that you send this on, because ultimately if  awareness is the best we can do, then awareness is the best we can do!

It’s not MY fault, I hear you saying in your head, whilst rolling your eyes. Damn hippy! I hear others say. Think about it guys. How many times have we taken the car to the shops, when maybe we could have walked? I know I do it. We are a wasteful society. Maybe we should try give back a little, where we have taken so much?


thats all from me now.