Time to Wonder

Hey All,

Just a quick one today!

Love Sam Elderman’s Zoe boot

But dont love wearing skin, or the $198 price tag?

Well, I accidentally stumbled into an awesome vegan alternative at the start of the year! (Before I even knew who Sam Elderman was) (yes- a sad existance)

They are made from PU and faux leather, are roughly a 3rd of the price and asides the ‘quilted leather’ and double buckles are almost identical.

These are definately on my list (list of items that I would rather buy than spend the money eating for the day instead). Give me a few hours, I’ll break.

Anyway, you can find these babies on eBay for $66.54AUD plus shipping.


Also, Slaadi and I went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World, complete with 16bit graphics and music from The Legend of Zelda, Beck, Metric, and The Rolling Stones to name a few, it was an indie-gamers wet dream. I loved the fast pace of the film, and the fact that he is literally ‘bringing a comic book to life’. And I mean, cmon, you cant go wrong with Michael Cera!

 It was a little depressing though, after the film, realising that the words  or  werent going to errupt into the air whenever I hit someone . . but I guess I can just settle on one of these headbands.



Soy Un Perdedor

Que Pasa?

Quick update on my somewhat fruitless search for the perfect Vegan Clog. I stumbled across a site that I had no idea existed today!

Down The Rabbit Hole

An online vegan shoe shop, based here in fair Australia! :O This is something you don’t regularly come across! Especially not in Australia! So, yay for that!

Anyways, I am planning my next tattoo (forever planning) and it will be featuring predominantly a V for Vegan.

Excitedly telling my sister, someone overheard and added in- “But what if you stop being vegan, guess you could change the V to an M for meat”

It bugged me at the time, but I quickly said I would never change and went back to showing my sis the pic, but it stuck in the edge of my mind.

My sister mentioned it to a mutual friend today, showing her the pic I had sent, and she said the same, also saying what if I broke up with my boyfriend (slaadi) and dumped veganism along with it. This got me seeing a vibrate shade of rouge. A lot of people have implied to me before that I am only vegan because my boyfriend is.

I didn’t become a vegan so slaadi would ‘love me’, and I won’t become a meat eater when/if he stops. Its like the one thing/cause in my life that I am truly passionate about and it would take a great deal for me to unsee/unknow everything I know now.


I think ex-vegans are worse than naive omnis. We know too much. I don’t know if ex-vegans put in as much research as some, but honestly, knowing the things we do, I don’t know how a person could be remotely turned on by a piece of meat. This is not a ‘fad’ its forever. It’s a life style choice that I have chosen and will continue to choose for the rest of my life, and I couldn’t live with myself if I ever went back. I know that my family and friends are sceptical and think that I’m making a huge life time commitment that I cant necessarily keep, but I know and believe in myself, and believe I will be vegan forever. I accept there is things I will never have done like ‘eat cheese in Paris’ or ‘sashimi in Japan’ or ‘mudcrabs in Broome’ but that site ok with me.


She also compared veganism to religion. Sure its something that a large group of people believe in but it’s hardly like a religion, for starters it’s not based on a pack of lies! We don’t encourage hate, and DO encourage science.

Religion. Lol.




For those interested, here is a rough sketch of what I would like, though its on my left hand, when it will actually be on my right.