Wear Animals or DIE.

In my recent wanderings around the Urban Outfitters site (love new Fall Collection!) I came across a warning that was mostly found on faux leather items such as the saddle bag I was ogling.

The fine print, written in a light grey color, almost missable, states ‘This item does not comply with California Proposition 65. Please visit help/info for more details on Proposition 65.’

Curious, I DID visit the help section. This is what I then found;

“What is California Proposition 65, and how does it apply to our products?

Some of our products such as dinnerware, glassware, items used to serve food, wallets, handbags, purses, clutches, totes, clothing, accessories, or shoes made of vinyl or imitation leather may contain lead. In accordance with Proposition 65, we issue the following warning to our California customers: “The materials used on the exterior of this product contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” For more information regarding lead-related FAQs, we recommend you review http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/tfacts13.html.”

Does this mean every time I rock my polyutherane saddle bag- because I am vegan and do not condone the suffering of animals for my personal gain- I increase the risk of having a baby with birth defects down the track, aswell as the possibility of other lead related health issues? Why is one of the biggest ‘teen’ retail stores in America even allowed to involve lead in the production of these bags? The information I have found indicates one must have long-term exposure to lead for any health issues to occur, but what does that mean in regards to these bags? How much lead do they even contain? How long is too long?

Urban Outfitters definitely needs more information on their site.

Is this enough to deter fellow vegans, or just the even environmentally conscious, from buying one of these bags? Not me, no, because I don’t really have any other options (please note; NOT owning a saddle bag is not an option!) but this is definitely going to make the bags less attractive to others that do have to make the choice between leather and non-leather items.

The possibility of a life-time of nightmarish health issues for themselves, aswell as their spawn vs the suffering of some cow that they never really cared about it the first place. Such large influential chains such as Urban Outfitters really need to take into account the consequences of their actions. They should be discouraging the use of animals, not encouraging customers to choose the non-vegan option. There is no doubt that stores such as these are delving into the ‘eco-chick’ issues, mostly for PR, but they need to take a step back and take a look at how hypocritical they are being. ‘We use leather and other animal products and by-products, but we put a $2 surcharge on all our products to off-set the carbon emissions produced by our cattle trucks.’

But i really do love the fall collection.


Vegan Love

Hey Guys,

Another quick one today, as I have just once again stumbled on something vegan and awesome!

Found this site via lookbook funnily enough! Introducing my new bag/belt source; Matt&Nat! (LOVING the Hendrix bag!)

To quote the website;


In 1995, MATT & NAT Founder and Creative Director Inder Bedi was challenged by a Mahatma to become a Vegetarian for 30 days. It was during this time that MATT & NAT was conceived. A brand and movement shaped by the power of duality. Fifteen years later, he is continuously working towards this goal – exceeding norms to offer cutting edge products that are fashionable and beautiful and yet made in a socially responsible way, or as we like to say, with Compassion. MATT & NAT products have never used animal by-products. That said, the brand is more than just vegan. It has always been a trailblazer in the environmental movement. Each product contains at least one recycled element and on average 21 plastic bottles are recycled to make linings for our bags. MATT & NAT has always been a Pioneer in Eco-Fashion.


Our women’s collection is characterized by a modern approach to primitive; beads and metal orna¬ments give an antique, custom and yet romantic feel. Colors are understated, with some grey under¬tones for a certain vintage feel, a feeling of authenticity. For the men’s line, the inspiration is practical, utilitarian and urban; we continued and expanded the men’s line (consisting of practical bags, messengers, lap top carriers and overnight bags) with the in¬troduction of new utilitarian shapes like totes and backpacks, as well as new colors like khaki and plaid.


As MATT & NAT’s younger sibling, the inspiration for the MATT BY MATT & NAT collection is rocker/urban with distinctive design and hardware details. This season we also introduced a new vegan leather material Luster, which let us experiment with softer bohemian shapes, deep tone colors, and weaving accents. This collection is practical, yet with a modern flare and can be dressed up or down.

Also, slaadi very kindly dug up that bingo sheet I was referring to in a previous post, check out the hilarities below! I can garantee you I have seen every single one of these! Sometimes all in the same conversation! Tedious 😐


So next time you speak to a vegan I would like you to stop, take a deep breathe, and think about what you are going to ask them 🙂


Up on melancholy hill, Theres a plastic tree



Why does everybody in the world assume that vegans are hippies? Honestly, some of the vegan clothing and shoes I found are just awful! 



It is so annoying trying to be fashion forward when it seems like things in fashion all must be UNVEGAN; fur, leather and feathers seem to be the big thing right now, as well as old classics like silk, suede and wool.



I have decided to take a look at a few trending items, and list affordable options for the everyday fashion forward vegan gal. (sorry- i have been watching too much SATC lately!)



First of all, lets look at the Doc Marten.




Another old classic, with grunge back in a big way, it seems to be what everyone is wearing, paired with opaque tights and a shift dress, or skinny jeans and a military jacket, Daria would be devastated if she knew that her look was now being worn by the masses. CIt appears she wears the 8 hole and Jane wears the 10?)




Anyway, so naturally, I HAD to have a pair. According to Wiki, in 2003 Doc Marten discontinued their vegan line when they outsourced their production to China and Thailand, which sucks, because I know there is a high demand for them! Not just from vegans, but every those (soft cock) vegetarians! They occasionally pop up on ebay but the chances are they either sell for ridiculous amounts or they just aren’t your size.




I found these on the website vegetarian shoes, a site based over in the UK. They are relatively close to Docs, and look like they are a pretty good quality, but the price turns me off, at roughly $122.67AUD a pop, + $46.21AUD in shipping.



I also found these on the site, but again, the amount they are charging makes me dislike them. There are a few different colours, notable white is missing which is a shame, also, I am hesitant to go with the red like I so willingly would if real Docs were vegan, as because they are man made, I dont think they would work the faded, worn look quite as well as I wanted them too.





I found myself a pair of fake Docs, closest to the real thing as I could get, on eBay.



Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they are no longer available. They are ok, the man made fibre is taking longer than I hoped to break in, and the where the tongues are stitched in I am getting bruising on the top of my feet! Also the toe is a tiny bit rounder than I would like, they are growing on me though!



My search has also led me to look for easier items, such as Military/Combat boots. Similar to Docs, but slimmer looking, with a more pointed toe.



I found these ultra cute ‘Glasgow Boots’ & Leeds Riding Boots on one of my much visited sites- Nasty Gal


I found these on Urban Outfitters, ranging from $68 to $78, these are made with PU, PVC, rubber, mixed metals and have synthetic soles.



I found these canvas alternatives via TOPSHOP , at around $70 a pop


 In the coming days I am going to try track down some vegan clogs, because I have gone against all my best judgement, betrayed myself and fallen in love with them*.




I am yet to find vegan alternatives to Jeffrey Campbell wedges 😦


Until then, Auf Wiedersehen!




Long Time No Blog

Well Hey There,

Long time no blog right? I know, I know.

To the point,

I know Winter is almost over but I am still addicted to pouring over fashion blogs looking for the perfect winter outfit, and lusting over everything!

Trends I am loving right now include the following; Sheer, Panels, Olive/Khaki, Capes,  Lace Up Boots, Bowler Hats, Tailored Trousers & Jumpsuits

My top visited fashion sites?

















Unfortunately I have to find the vegan alternative to alot of stuff! Well, not unfortunately, its just a tiny bit harder 🙂

Speaking of Vegan Fashion, I put in the looong haul looking for cute vegan-wear, and have finally found the most perfect discovery! Introducing, Vaute Couture.


I love everything about the small brand! The tees and jewellery are adorable, and I finally have found somewhere I can find great coats/jackets with no trouble! I have been dealing with the creator/owner Leanne Hilgart, and have found she is lovely and very obliging 🙂

On a vegan note, yes, the oil spill, it seems to be all that anyone is talking about these days (well, that and the whole Julia Gillard- 1st Woman Prime Minister thing), I sent out an appeal to all my friends, and what kinda vegan would I be if I didnt paste an exerpt of it in here 🙂


The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not getting any smaller, and such a careless mistake by BP is having crazy serious environmental impacts, not only in the immediate area, but soon all over the world. I am sure you have all seen some of the pictures below, and they really are shocking. And its not just birds that are suffering, animals all around the area are.  You might not care as much about that stuff as I do, thats ok, but surely you must care about the bigger picture. The spill is destroying ecosystems, hell if anything, worry for the lack of fish that will soon be in your diet. Studies have found that the oil spill will hit the Atlantic by October, the year has gone so fast I bet you don’t even realise that is only 2 and a bit months away. You might think, pffft- 2 and a half months? It will be over by then. Sorry guys- I mean as you saw above, it has been 64days, the Deepwater Horizon exploded on the 20th of April, with the slick starting on April 22nd. The spill is leaking at about 2,100,000 US gallons per day. That is alot. (Understatement?) What is 2,100,000 x 64?

I could go into the the ocean rape far more, but the purpose of this email wasn’t to bore you, I just wanted to bring it to your attention. Why are you telling me this? I hear you asking yourself? WELL funny story actually.

We can help.

Kenneth Cole (Designer) is selling T-Shirts from his facebook page, ($25) with 100% of net profits being donated to ‘Awearness’- The Kenneth Cole Foundation to support clean-up effort through July 2010.


Threadless are also selling shirts (sold out at the moment- lift your game Threadless!) they are only $10, all proceeds going to the Gulf Restoration Network.


healthygurlf.org also take donations. I’m not writing to beg you all to donate your money bla blab bla, if anything, all I ask is that you send this on, because ultimately if  awareness is the best we can do, then awareness is the best we can do!

It’s not MY fault, I hear you saying in your head, whilst rolling your eyes. Damn hippy! I hear others say. Think about it guys. How many times have we taken the car to the shops, when maybe we could have walked? I know I do it. We are a wasteful society. Maybe we should try give back a little, where we have taken so much?


thats all from me now.



When it comes to products that are made of leather, suede, fur (ew!) etc, etc, etc, if they are recycled or second hand, is their use still not considered vegan?
I’m not so sure anymore. I mean, obviously they arent in the sense that they are an animal product, but there is a part of me that says dont have let this animal die for no reason, you know? For example- I know of someone that went through their entire house getting rid of all products that used palm oil- because of the conversion of tropical forest to commercial palm tree plantations. I agree that yes- they should stop buying palm oil from here on in- in order to limit the demand, but to go through and throw out all palm oiled products seems like a waste to me, like now no one is benefitting from that 1 tree that was knocked over to grow that one palm tree. Getting off track here anyways- another issue that came up was that a co-worker is getting a house built with a recycled leather floor. She is a hippy- not sure where she got this idea from, but pretty much what it is, is tile made from recycled leather from old cars, couches, etc, etc. First things first- leather is gross right? Skin on skin. I dont think leather should be used any which way. But so many animals have died, there is a lot of leather hanging around in todays world, and rather than people going out and throwing it away I am glad it is being put to use somehow. I dont know.
Thrifting- Second hand clothing shops, vintage pieces, what if they are suede or leather? I pose this question, because it seems the more I look into things, the more the lines between right and wrong are fuzzed.

Besides that, nothing exciting to report here, myself and slaadi ATTEMPTED to go to Genesis in the Hills for lunch the Saturday after my birthday- yes, I am 20 now, still irrelevent though- only to find that a bunch of hippies took up all the tables and we couldnt get a spot 😦 also, thismorning I woke up with a twinge in my neck that has worsened during the day. FML.


Please note- I am not throwing out any palm oiled products, I am not getting a recycled leather floor, and I am not purchasing any animal skinned clothing.

apply within

So Hi (insert sheepish grin here)

I’m back, went on hiatus for a little while there- doing some ‘soul searching’ if you want to call it that. I had a lot of support from a lot of people, which was hugely appreciated 🙂

I consequently have a vague idea of what I want to do. I want to get rid of my debt as soon as possible (easier said than done) but if it means not living the high life for a couple of months, I guess that is what I’m going to have to do. I want to leave full-time employment. I may only be 20 but I have had a job non-stop since I was about 15. I didn’t have a break or holidays after school, I went straight to full-time employment and consequently I am tired, and unhappy. I want to study Japanese; the culture, the language. I plan on doing either my diploma of cert IV before trying to get into the Japanese course at uni. I’m scared. Scared I have forgotten how to learn, or be studious, or how to motivate myself, but really in the end it’s all on me and if I can’t pull this off then I don’t know. I know it’s not going to be easy but what have I got to lose?

I have been turning over the idea another endeavour in my head for a while. I havent really shared it with anyone yet, I cant see it realistically happening but if all people thought like that nothing would ever get done.

So heres my idea, feel free to comment, leave suggestions etc, steal it and I will come after your family 🙂

I want to start sort of a ‘go to’ site for Australian Vegans (probably targeting women) where the customer could go to easily source vegan products, cosmetics, clothing, etc. It’s really hard finding stuff, I find my self looking through hundred of thousands of web pages, getting different things from different places, paying large amounts in shipping alone, it would just be so much easier if it was all done for me, all just 1 click away. I don’t know how it would go, or how cost-effective it would be, as I have said, I havent shared or attempted to develop this with anyone, its in stage 1. I know there are a lot of vegan sites out there with their own products etc, they tend to be all 1 brand from the same company. I was thinking that this site would source from a lot of different companies and brands, brands not well-known for their vegan products.

A lot of the specifically vegan clothing, cosmetics, etc I have seen look cheap and unreliable (no offence guys), I am looking something a little classier.

I know that mac offer some vegan cosmetic products if enough digging is done. Stella McCartney now does a range of vegan fashion. These are brands you don’t expect to see with vegan products.

It would take a lot of research. I would definitely need to know my vegan shit. Also business wise. Would companies allow me to advertise their products on my site? How would I go about distro etc? Should I buy products in bulk and resell? How much would I mark them up to make it worth my while? How would I get my service out in the public eye?

I’d need a partner. You up for it?


attention dairy consumers

Last night I stumbled upon a really informative clip on YouTube regarding the dairy industry.
It took all the information I knew, and a lot I didn’t know, about the dairy industry and condensed it down into a 5 minute clip that evidently was really effective.
Through some research I have done, I have come up with the figure of 40%- yes, as in almost half of all dairy cows suffer from mastitis. The most common form is contagious mastitis, which can be easily transmitted from one cow to another during milking. Symptoms of mastitis can include gross inflammation of the teat (swelling, redness, heat and pain), aswell as a reduction in the milk yield, changes of the milks composition, and in the cows case, fever, depression, shivering, loss of appetite and consequently loss of weight. This all occurs to a cow that has been enslaved into a life of giving.   





L Mastitis infected cow's milk R Healthy cow's milk


Anyways, veal also comes into the dairy industry. Think about it, humans give milk why? Because they have just had babies. Cows are the same.

So what happens to the calves you ask? Well funny story. The calves are separated from their mother from the get go, causing great distress to both. Yep- we are the dingoes stealing their babies. The female cows are lucky, they get to grow up into dairy cows aswell, and if not, get slaughtered for their precious rennet (found in the stomach) so we can enjoy a nice fondu ahhh– it’s a glamorous life ahead. I’m not sure who gets it better though, because males, well there is just so much in store for them! They get to go to big fancy auctions where they are paraded around a ring, tripping over their own legs, mostly because they have barely had the chance to form enough muscle to take their first steps. They are then bought by the lucky winner, and get put into a cozy isolated little cages (so they can do some serious soul-searching) where their legs go lame, as the stalls are so small they can barely lay down comfortably, or even turn around.  


They are then fed on a delicious almost all liquid iron reduced diet (slimming!) which consist of milk replacer (yep, they don’t even get to taste real milk, mostly because momma’s back at the dairy shed, so you can have your daily dose of cookies and milk) until they are borderline anemic. This creates that lovely pale coloured veal, fancied by the more ‘cultured’ meat eater.  

Once dairy cows are done living their charmed life they are sold off at auctions, and as their flesh is such a low quality, are mostly used as burger patties. 





 I honestly think he was going to cry. We talked about him being fucked after that and he said he wouldn’t consume dairy, I told him he must have been be aware of what was going on, and he said he didn’t think about it. Being naive about something doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Also- kid couldn’t last a week without dairy, let alone being a vegan. He did say something that stuck with me though, he said, if you showed me this, and then I showed other people, and they showed other people, and they showed other people, then maybe everyone would stop and it wouldn’t happen anymore. It was cute. But ever the cynic, I told him what my omnivore sister once told me, ‘it still taste good, so nobody cares’.










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