Get Rich or Die Trying

So Paige and I are embarking on yet another get rich or die trying adventure!

We tried the whole mobile bartending service, it didnt work out, unfortunately in small towns like Perth there is no calling for that kinda gig, so its kinda gone on the back burner for a while! As I have said, new venture will be an online vintage-thrift like store. Today we are embarking on the first leg of our research, by visiting as many op-shop as possible in the little time we have between my getting home from work and 5pm! I have printed out a couple of lists (see here) and will be sporting my bargain hunting face for the afternoon.

As I mentioned we had the wedding on the weekend, and decadent is an understatement! It was a beautiful day, the couple could not have asked for more! Rain threatened early on, but I guess ‘God’ was happy with all the praise that was given during the long drawn out catholic ceremony, that he cleared it up for them! Seriously though- part of the ceremony included the guests chanting ‘we are not worthy of saying your name’ . . We had to kneel! Each to their own.

Ania (Bride)’s couture wedding dress was amazing. It was custom made for her, and she had fittings for it weekly. I daren’t ask how much it chipped into their 80k budget! The bridesmaid dresses were also gorgeous, with statement frills on one shoulder. I politely asked my sister to take note. The venue for the reception was beautiful, and they had the cutest little photobooth in the corner for guests to get their corny on. Us vegans (slaadi and I) got the typical GVP for dinner, aswell various other vegetables placed on our plates in an artistic fashion, but we expected no more, and I am greatful that they gave us a thought and catered for our needs on their big day 🙂

In other news, Zara has released an iPhone app, allowing users to browse the catalogue and order online, which is an exciting new development! . . For the rest of the world anyway. Although I can own the app, Zara does not service Australia. -_-

Topshop, I have only 1 response after seeing this . . W.T.F? Seriously? No- Seriously? Is fur really so big that we are going to see a full on furry fest at fashion week this year? Disturbing.


I feel like lately I have abandoned my vegan ranting for fashion, have you noticed? Promise I will get back to my usual preachy self soon, with professorprofessor now up and running I think I will be posting the majority of my fashion related items on there. Be sure to check it out yall!


Lust for Life

I find myself having these ‘moments’, more and more often. A moment when I fall in love with something, look at its description, and die a little inside, finding its made of suede, or leather, pony hair and the like. I want to write to the website and say “But . . Are you sure???

P and myself are planning on going to the Perth Fashion Festival, and there is so much I want to wear, and so little I actually CAN wear!!! 😥

Speaking of the dynamic duo (P and I) we would also like to maybe start-up a little online vintage store of likes! Nothing major, start a store, be successful, cult following, have Jeffrey Campbell dedicate a pair of beautiful vegan clogs to me . . Nothing too big?

At the moment we are in the research stages, our biggest issue is resources. Perth isn’t exactly fashion capital of Australia, so I am doubtful as to whether we will find vintage Givenchy whilst rummaging through bargain bins at Vinnies. Also, it seems Perth isn’t very big on markets, thrift or vintage stores that I can see? If you have any tips, please do let me know!!! We plan on going to Badelaide next year (P’s home town) for the Fringe Festival, so we should be able to find some great pieces there, but it’s not like we can go jet setting over to others states all the time to source our vintage needs!

I am definitely thinking though if we do get this up and running, that I will have an awesome vegan section.

Getting ahead of ourselves now though! Back to Perth Fashion Week, and things I want but just can’t have. We are contemplating attending the Mercedes-Benz WA Fashion Awards, held at the prestigious Burswood Grand Ballroom. Issue 1. Tickets are near on $200. Issue 2. WHAT WOULD WE WEAR??? It’s black tie, and an issue I have with trying to find black tie/formal attire (we will get back to that) is I feel like a lot of it is not that relevant.
Saying that though, Paige has recently come to own a b-e-a-utiful black maxi dress, with a quilted leather bandeau and flowing chiffon(?) skirt. Although I don’t approve of the leather aspect, it IS gorgeous. I havent come across anything outstanding as of yet. :/

Going back to the searching of formal/black tie dress code, I am attending a quite lavish wedding this weekend, and have recently come to learn that we are expected to wear 2 dresses, something I had not ever heard of (apparently its European) (Polish + Italian wedding), and caved into buying both- any excuse! I found a dress for the wedding its self, dress code being a little more casual  than the reception, that was easy! I picked up a MinkPink maxi from P and my favourite store ‘This Fine Day’ on Eighth in Maylands, which I will be playing down a little with a belt and blazer to give the appearance that I have a ‘shape’.

The formal part, however, I definitely struggled with. The issue is that my ‘style’ is not formal, people I know can pull it off, but I find it very difficult! Also, there is a plethora of floral prints out, we tried that, it failed. I can pull off the ‘girly’ look, it’s just not me. I prefer darker shades, and block colours. I actually prefer black- always a classic, easy to accessorise, gives the illusion of a better body, works with any skin tone/hair colour, but the bride frowned upon wearing black! I didnt want to rock another maxi as much as I love them right now, as I was already wearing one- it would have looked to similar! Then there was the issue of length, how short is too short? Would I find a dress in which I could wear the same shoes/accessories, or was I going to have to buy everything in lots of 2???

Anyway, after days of searching and almost giving up, we did it. I settled on a dark blue dress, I think its Miss Shop? Appropriately lengthed, that cinches at the waist with a black bow. This means I can probably share accessories, I think I will rock the blazer with both, though I imagine once the champaign kicks in I will be removing it to bust a move on the d-floor, black wedges, black jewellery possible a ‘bib/collar’ type chunky necklace with detail, and a giant ass flower headpiece.


Trend I am crazy feeling right now? A trend I, aswell as countless cougars out there, have been rocking for years, leopard print. Its back! (Like it ever left??) bigger and better than ever!

This excludes the fur version. Tacky, tacky, tacky. I like the bolder prints, like the one on the oversized bag, as opposed to the smaller more natural looking prints. I found this feature at TOPSHOP, and am lusting over the new leopard print bags, but unfortunately, as the story goes, all leather. *Le sigh*. Another brand I have found to be rockin’ the bold leopard print is Motel;

Love it.

Anyways, I just found something new and crucial to stress about.